Joe Bardi - Movies Editor

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Joe Bardi was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to the Bay area in 1989. In 1993 he enrolled at Florida State University, later faking his way to a degree in English despite spending all of his free time (and most of the time he was supposed to be in class) watching, discussing and trying to make movies. After graduation, Bardi found himself lost and working horrific, soul-killing jobs at an insurance company, a transportation company and a staffing company. (Though not all at once.) Since starting with Creative Loafing in 2004 as an intern, Bardi has shared his love of film with Loaf readers through reviews, interviews, podcasts and arguments in the comments section of his posts. On the nights he's not power-watching DVD's for a blog post, Bardi enjoys Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Lost and The Daily Show. (He promises to catch up on Mad Men really soon.) Sorry ladies, Bardi's engaged and will marry the beautiful Heidi Kurpiela in Ellicottville, NY on Sept. 12.

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Twitter @joebardi

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