Kama Sutra: the ostrich's tail

The woman begins on her back with her legs comfortably in front of her. The man kneels at her feet, raises her legs in the air, and pulls her all the way up until only her head and shoulders remain on the bed or floor. The woman may want to hook her feet around his shoulders while he enters her vagina.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this position? This position gets an 8.5 on the 'Dichter' scale!

Did you have difficulty getting into the position? Yes.  Strength, coordination, and balance all play a role in this position.

Did you feel like a pretzel? No, more like a circus act. Yes the position is doable, but for many it certainly won't be easy or natural.

Any recommendations on getting either in or out of position: There isn't a whole lot to ease the strain of getting into position outside of a crane. Beyond this, I would say that having the woman take some of the strain off the man's arms by placing her feet on his shoulders is a must during penetration... and if the man's erection tends to curve upward, he is going to need even more of a hand getting everything in the right place.

How long did you last in the position? This is a five to ten minute romp in Candy land. I doubt many people are going to be able to uphold this stance for much more, and even if they could, it looses its novelty by then anyway.

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the woman): At first she didn't like it at all, but once the blood rushed to both her heads (the clit and brain tank), she was game for the ride and finished off with a nice orgasm...

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the man): This position is very manly and therefore is a testosterone booster. The height of arousal and excitement is doubled to the point where the fight or flight response kicks in and any pain is forgone for at least the first five to ten minutes, or orgasm... whichever happened first!

Was the position comfortable? Were you able to relax?

Man: No... this position knows no comfort!

Woman: No

Would you consider this an intimate position?

No, there is very little contact with either partner during this move. It's actually even hard to talk in this position, so most of your communication will be through grunts, which gets the job done fortunately.

Are you achy or sore after the fact?

Man: A small amount in the lower back. Similar to doing 5 sets of moderate weight deadlifts.

Woman: No

What did the position feel like ? This position is great for a quickie. Unlike a few of the similar versions, this position doesn't require the use of a chair or bed, which means that you can take this one on the road for some public erotica. This position is perfect for those nights when you aren't really into making love, and don't want to have sex... you want to fu@k, and fu@k hard!

Did she reach orgasm? Yes

Did he reach orgasm? Yes

Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm? Yes, it is true that there is a bit of a build to get to this one, even if you try to make it a quickie. Strain has that effect on a couple...

Any suggestions to make the position more pleasurable?

Use plenty of lubrication and in fact you may want to have a bottle handy. Her juices get directed back towards uterus, so with a lot of friction going, things can get dried up rather quickly... especially if you are standing out on a public beach with a slight breeze.


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