Kathy Castor said leaked reports about government surveillance sound "overly broad"

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In agreement with Cantor, Castor said that while the Intelligence chairman and ranking members in the House and Senate have been privy to the most classified intelligence regarding such top secret investigations, other members of Congress have not had nearly that level of access.

"Last week when the allegations from The Guardian broke, I talked to a lot of members in the intelligence community because I was concerned about it," she said. "It sounds like it's overly broad, but we don't know for sure and I'm hoping at the briefing tomorrow we'll get a better explication about what's really happening ... if it is over broad and a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, than Congress is going to have to tighten things up."

Castor added that when she served on the Special Operations Subcommittee on the House Armed Services Committee she was surprised to learn of the level of surveillance that was being employed there, but of course that was in the context of ongoing operations and tracking terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the advent of so much more personal technology at every American's fingertips, she said it's important to ensure that the privacy of U.S. citizens is not violated.

On CBS' This Morning, Cantor was asked if he believes that the Obama administration's surveillance goes further than that of the Bush administration. He replied, "these are questions we don't know the answer to."

Considering Cantor's rank in the House, if he doesn't know everything that's going on, certainly Castor and a majority of other Congress members don't either.

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Today, the second highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, said he's "perplexed" by the recent revelations about government eavesdropping. He said he wants more answers from the Obama administration. Cantor told CBS' This Morning that a lot of lawmakers "don't know what happened and we've got to find out."

Tampa area Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor is in rare agreement with the Virginia representative. Today she told CL that the reports she read about the surveillance undertaken by the National Security Agency sound "overly broad."

"I have a lot of questions I want to get to the bottom of," Castor said this morning before speaking at a press conference in North Tampa hailing HART's new MetroRapid service. Castor said she's attending a classified hearing tomorrow and hopes to learn more there.

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