Keep your boyfriends far far away from me....

Who wouldn't want to make out with a guy she gets along famously with, whom she finds attractive, who makes her laugh and whom she's known just long enough to totally be herself around him, a guy who happens to already have a girlfriend...

I pondered a few things on the drive home.

1) I love making out ... love love love it.

2) Has the idea of "girl code" completely left the building? And really how much of that "girl code" should even be applied to girls we don't know? Yes, there is supposed to be an amount of loyalty to the girls you call your friends. Such as the ever popular "exes are off limits" rule, but when it comes to women you've never met and know nothing about, why do we feel we owe them the same kinds of courtesies?

3) If said guy repeatedly proclaims he's "not happy," does that make it any better than the guy who just wants a little something on the side? Maybe these people one in the same, but "not happy" guy just bothered with an excuse.

4) If karma is real, I'm totally fucked.

Last night I happened upon a familiar situation. A guy-friend suddenly reveals he has "feelings" for me and boldly decides to act on them.

This would normally be an awesome situation.

So we made out. One problem: He has a girlfriend.

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