Leather however: a poem for the leather crowd (audio)

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Read by T.R. Robbins (audio)

Shark fin soup

is not an aphrodisiac,

unless you get off on

unnecessary death.

Leather however,

has its place,

from the sultry booth

where the jazz spoke

your gestures across

the room

to the belt that slowly

slipped off your trousers

after the ungodly length of time

it took to unbuckle in a frenzy.

Yeah, leather has its place,

so soft and hard and suede,

and made to fill your coffin

with memories of sadomasochism,

to pull out of the nightstand drawer

and spank the vertical smile

into howls at the moon,

to the boxing gloves

you want to strap on

after that long car ride with

your significant other,

even in the halls of justice

where it’s sworn upon

or in the brothels

where it’s sworn at

like a dog that’s misbehaving.

Plus, shark fin soup can only be eaten.

Leather however,

can wrap and slap and tie and bind.

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