Less is more: new study finds women are having less, but better, sex

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As reported by The Sun, new research suggests that 75% of British women are having less sex than a year ago, but these encounters are friskier than ever.

This reduction of bedroom play has been blamed, like every other problem in the last decade, on the economy. Some believe couples are working longer hours and don't have as much time for sex. Financial stress may also hinder their libido.

In any case, this reduction isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Frequent sex runs the risk of become routine. However, when sex is spaced out, it often becomes something that is anticipated and appreciated as something special. And, with fewer bedroom encounters, women may be behaving a bit "wilder" to ensure that they get the most out of these limited number of encounters.

The survey of over 4,200 women found that nearly 76% admitted to using porn with their partner, a 10% jump from last year. Of these couples, 61% watched it online, 5% used magazines, and 18% popped in DVDs.

Costumes/role playing has also been on the rise. Of the 80% who claim they like to dress-up for sex, 42% favor a French maid outfit, 25% like to be nurses, and 16% fancy police uniforms.

Up 10% from last year, over 50% used sex toys in the bedroom, which may also help explain why women are becoming more satisfied with their sex lives. They don’t have the patience to rely on their partner. They know what they need, and they are damn sure going to get it.

Read more at TheSun.com.

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