Lessons in online dating: the Internet is a small world

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I knew that there was always a chance of bumping into someone I knew on a dating site. A good number of the people I associate with are single. The decision to join one of these sites came from a close friend's recommendation.

I’m ever so good at jinxing myself.

The first person to message me on a dating site was an acquaintance I knew from an anime group. We shared some of the usual “how goes life?” questions before going our merry ways. Soon thereafter, word spread that I was joining dating sites. Guys I had shot down in person began messaging me because we were “well matched” online. Others messaged me to comment on the irony of how well matched we were considering the fact that we hated each other. Almost all asked whatever happened to that guy I was dating before (referring to The Puppy).  I guess they all missed the lines on my profile that stated that I a) have a boyfriend and b) am polyamorous.

But from mortifying experiences can come good ones. The most recent offline acquaintance to message me via a dating site was a familiar looking name. Once the name finally clicked I nearly fell over laughing.[image-1]

“Babe, I’ve been busted by a fellow contributor,” I told The Puppy. He asked if that was a bad thing. Not at all. The fellow contributor wasn't someone I had already declined in person, nor was he someone messaging to ask if The Puppy likes it soft or rough in bed (yes, that has actually happened). It was a writer I respected, dropping a line to say hello. So, I responded in kind. We had a bit of back and forth before the question of who got to write about the incident came up. The story gets rather anti-climatic after that. Would I risk mixing business and pleasure. Had this fellow contributor asked me out?

Sorry, readers, but that’s for me to know, my editor to demand I write about, and this fellow contributor to find out.

Camile likes long walks in the rain, leering at hot women, and Laurell K Hamilton novels. In between licking candy canes and writing about sex, she can be found on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and here on Creative Loafing.

You can learn a few life lessons by joining a dating site. There’s the age old lesson of never trusting someone’s online picture. A quick glance through Psychotic Letters from Men reveal why it's always a good idea to approach the first few dates with caution. And of course, I must keep in mind that my editor will demand I write about every detail... Especially if he thinks I’ve been slacking because I've been busy trying to get another boyfriend (or a first girlfriend)… Even if chasing ass wasn't the reason I was slacking off (neither was jail). But there was one lesson that I saw coming and still tried to ignore in my lazy quest for male (or female) companionship:  no matter how vast the internet is, it’s still a small, small world.

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