Let the memes begin: Rubio campaign launches for real

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Let the memes begin: Rubio campaign launches for real

With Sen. Marco Rubio set to announce his run for president tonight, and already having sort-of announced his run to supporters earlier today, shit is officially getting real in the 2016 presidential race.


Of course, everyone already knew the first-term Tea Party Republican was going to run, or at least knew it was likely, and critics were ready with statements on the announcement.

“Sen. Marco Rubio faces a big challenge in overcoming his long track record of ethical lapses and out of touch issue positions," said Progress Florida director Mark Ferrulo in an email announcing a new Web site featuring little tidbits highlighting some of the senator's more insane votes. "Rubio has been on the wrong side of nearly every important issue. He helped lead the GOP-driven government shutdown, opposed equal pay for women, opposes marriage equality, and is a climate change denier — despite his home state being ‘ground zero’ when it comes to the effects of rising seas."

To be fair, on that last one, Mark, he's not a scientist. Or a big fan of the planet, really, it seems.

By our count, that makes five that are official, given that Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson and Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have already announced. (We are still waiting on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a few other stragglers to announce). We look forward to hearing them spout their populist rhetoric as they criss-cross the nation, modifying their messages (and dialects) to fit whatever locale they're in, eventually shifting said messages to just right of center on the political spectrum after the primaries.

What excites us most about being along for the ride is the fresh batch of jokes we're set to start receiving.

Whether it's from the folks at Bad Lip Reading or the anonymous meme makers of Reddit or, of course, The Daily Show, the gaffes of these presidential hopefuls will be much more meaningful to us than anything they actually say leading up to Election Day.

We're already starting to see some pretty clever stuff out there on the Internet. There's Dubious Rubio, that nice couple over at jebbushforpresident.com and tedcruz.com. The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz will probably be a good source for satire as well, as evidenced here.

And it's about friggin time. As funny as they are, the Rubio-water thing and texting Hillary macros are getting a bit stale.


BREAKING: Marco Rubio is running for president. Raise your water bottle and say "farewell" to Marco Rubio, and his Tea Party policies! SIGN HERE: http://act.murphyforflorida.com/Farewell-Rubio

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Monday, April 13, 2015

Okay, that's still kinda funny.

That gif comes from the Facebook page of U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy's campaign for Rubio's soon-to-be former Senate seat.

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