Let’s face it, I need some dick. What do I do??

okay so....I’m sick of being single and I’m a gay male...I’m thinking about just calling some exes up for a quickie but I’m not sure if its a good idea. I may get a lil’ bit attached again so...it could be a bad thing. But let’s face it, I need some dick. What do I do??

Mean Amanda

We’ve all been here, damn horrible human nature that requires sexual activity… nothing but trouble. Heads up, ex’s are NEVER a good idea, and with all those ridiculous attractive gay males to choose from why go dipping from a busted batch?

They are ex’s for a reason, if you’re looking for emotionally disconnected sex, chances are you aren’t alone, just get out of the house, good sex is probably just waiting at the local gay bar. So be safe, and have fun for fucks sake… literally.

Nice Amanda… let’s see if you can respond without using a penis reference…

Nice Amanda

Of course I won’t reference “that.” Do you think I am some kind of foul-mouthed prostitute?! Geez. Now, let’s get to helping people without the use of profanity, shall we?

Meaningless sex? A quickie with an ex? Listen to yourself! That is so inappropriate, you are better than that. We all want the same thing, candlelight dinners, chocolate candies and roses every day. Is that too much to hope for? No, no it is not. Don’t settle for less than perfection and don’t even think about having “sexual relations” with someone you don’t know, that’s just slutty and unsafe. Wait for love, it will find you!

Mean Amanda

Sure Amanda, it would be lovely if this was 1950 and “courting” rules were still in effect, they aren’t. At this point everyone just sleeps around until we start self examining and realize that maybe sleeping with the same person for a long time and owning a minivan would be nice.

Mean Amanda and Nice Amanda have the same name, which is neat. They're also both 20-something single women living in Tampa Bay who know the score. That's where the similarities end.

Mean Amanda likes watching people hurt themselves and using her oven for clothing storage. Nice Amanda likes watching the OC and baking chocolate chip cookies for your birthday.

Mean Amanda and Nice Amanda have an advice blog and want to hear from you! Send your questions, comments or cries for help to [email protected]

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