Let's transform this 'domination culture' into a 'partnership culture' (Videos)


Is this the America we are handing over to our children? One thats main concern is violence and domination of the world? This government was put in place for the people: do the people want 60% of our taxes going to support defense? Why can't 60% of our taxes go towards supporting education, renewable energy, as well as redoing the social net so that every human being in our country has their needs taken care of? Money should be allocated to heal the damage we've done by replanting the forests we have decimated. A home, clean water, healthy food, un-polluted air is a common necessity of all human beings. If we were more self-reliant, we would not need to dominate the world for its resources with the greatest military ever created in history.

As a young man only of 24 years old, I want to paint a different picture. I've read two great books that helped me form a outline of that vision. David Korten's The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.

Riane Eisler is an Activist that wrote The Real Wealth of Nations. She promotes partnership over domination.

The picture used for a partnership society is a buckyball. A buckyball is a fullerene, a family of molecules made up entirely of carbon. A buckyball is composed of carbons interlocked with the strongest bonds known to nature. Each carbon atom by itself is weak and easily captured by other molecules. Working together, the carbon atoms form up to create a nearly impenetrable wall of bonded atoms that is very hard to break.

As our society transitions past industrialization and into a society that regularly uses nanotechnology, technology utilizing molecules and atoms at the nano-scale, we will be up against the moral dilemma of holding the god-like ability to create and destroy at the molecule level. This transition past industrialization is being speed up by two factors: global climate change tells us we need to get off our industrialization style of economy, while peak oil shows us that we will be forced off. Our domination culture is one that is as old as history itself. We have dominated the environment since history began, plucking one type of species away from the environment so that other species can survive. The very concept of a monoculture agricultural system is one that declares only one form of plant should dominate this part of an area. Whereas, permaculture declares all plants have a place the ecology should be partnered with. This domination and selection of the environment to benefit our wants lead us to the present economy. I often like to refer back to RFK's famous speech about our economy's insatiable need to raise the GDP and exponentially grow:

As I stated in my last blog, In order for the Tampa Bay area to go green, we must change our culture. A domination-based culture leads to our ruin. We must base our economy and culture on the basis of compassion and on the care of both people and the planet. Just like carbon atoms, the people in Iran came together to form a impenetrable wall of peace that will hopefully create justice in Iran. This new culture is arising all over the world in the form of transition towns. Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of democratic sustainable communities that would connect to form a peaceful world community. It's up to my generation to take the last decade of interlinking connectivity spread by the boom of the communication age to create such a peaceful world community.

We must be the leaders of the world by showing to everyone what a partnership culture is like. The media at large only portrays sex and violence, the basic instincts of our species, which reinforces the deeper culture of domination. We are all unique, special, and worthy of respect in a partnership culture. More importantly, when God created this Earth (or whatever you believe), he created it from the dust of a star. We can see this very story of creation unfold in the vast reaches of space all around us. The very matter and energy that make up any one of us is the very matter and energy that make up the entire planet. We are all one. We must respect, love, and hold compassion for one another in order to change not only the world, but our individual selves.

There is a secret to birth of this style of culture. Live it. Seek within yourself wisdom, or search through research to determine your own actions. Do you partner with the world when you make a 30 mile commute or dominate it by extracting abnormal amounts of resources to commute? It's not something for someone else to dictate to you, its for you to determine yourself. A partnership culture viewpoint would be to seek a partner to achieve what you need. What if you ride shared with a co-worker? You would cut your need for fuel by half and still retain your income. All of the world is a choice, we just have to begin making better choices and we can individually change the world. If you are a single carbon, interlink with other carbon molecules and make a Buckeyball. This will change the world even faster.

With this idea goes some of the old individualistic ideas of property. Common items will be thought of once again. Lets envision a street with some 10 homes. Now each home is doing some form of maintenance and requires a drill. A domination culture that bends people towards individualistic tendencies would probably have all 10 of those homes go out to buy that same tool. A partnership culture would have those people already connected and talking about plans to renovate, One drill could be commonly used by the entire street, even neighborhood. A common item is a resources jointly used by an community but not held privately by anyone individual. Another great modern day example of this is the Linux software system that is completely freeware that most networks use.

There is more than enough wealth in the world to go around. No one is poor, no one rich- we just create those dynamics by caring too much about our own individual needs without being compassionate to others. We are a species that evolved in a tribal society. We constantly seek leaders and community, yet in our modern day culture we are separated and hardly know our neighbors. This is not happiness, this is insanity. In prison to punish someone, Where do they stick them? Solitary confinement. We are meant to be with others, to be apart leads to depression and a deep feeling of isolation.

Regardless of your beliefs of global warming and peak oil, the technologies that humans are dabbling in - nanotechnology, genetic modification, robotics - are creating a world never created before. Already, automatic manufacturing techniques gave us the consumerist lifestyle we have, taking workers of the work line and putting machines in their place. As we ascent upward with our technological pathways, we must not lose our humanity. The dominator culture we currently have could create detrimental effects if the technologies are not thought of to partner with, instead of used to dominate and control. Already nearly all of our food is genetically modified. Thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year due to Monsanto's genetically modified seeds. Where does it stop, or what lines will be drawn, need to be created and thought of now.

If we embraced the better half of humanity for this next century, we could create this culture and leave a planet better off than as we acquired it when we were born. Embrace compassion for others, creativity, and kindness to partner all of our single carbon atoms into a unified buckeyball, to both bring prosperity to all and heal the planet.


Eric Stewart

Director of Code Green Community

Follow me on Twitter: @code_green


The Iranian revolution underway is a sign of the times. Millions of oppressed people Twittering and linking up forging networks to create and topple a system that's in need of reformation. Women have been the very foundation of this movement. Moussavi the leader of the resistance's wife spoke at one function this quote:

"I hope freedom of the speech, freedom of the pen, freedom of thought will not be forgotten" - Zahra Rahnavard

We, too, in America are in the mist of an revolution. A transformation from a domination culture that views the world as fleeting and open to exploitation, to a partnership culture that wants its society to be permanent and seeks to partner with the world to create harmony.

The example for a domination culture is one of a pyramid. The vast base is dictated and controlled from a smaller point. Our oligarchy style of government in the United States best represents this culture. The very fact that nearly 60% of our Federal government's budget goes to the military exemplifies this notion. We dominate the world with our military - over 750 bases in over 150 countries. 2% of the worlds population owns 80% of all the wealth. How has all that wealth migrated to the very top of this pyramid for so long? Through domination of course.

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