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Re Curiouser, "Dog days in Dunedin," by Dawn Morgan, May 2-8: Dunedin Doggie Rescue brought "Joy" to our home. After KK [Schultz] sent e-mails repeatedly trying to find a home for his then-latest Seinfeld-named Dunedin Doggie Rescue candidate, Elaine, I was moved to meet her. We adopted her into our home, renamed her Joy, and that is truly what she is — the Joy in our home and the best friend to our Labradoodle, Munchee. Please consider DDR before other doggie options — KK and Cathy work so hard for a perfect fit, and your home will forever be a better place once you open your heart to them. Every day I look into Joy's sweet eyes and feel so moved that she is alive because of DDR's hard work. How can you not consider a love affair you will never regret? See you at the Dunedin Brewery!

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Comment by Matrick, April 30, on "How did the Trib advance the FCC hearings?", by Wayne Garcia, thepoliticalwhore.com

There are so many avenues for people to get their information these days, even more than when the FCC last visited the media ownership rules in 2003. I work with the National Association of Broadcasters and we need to make it so local stations can compete with all these new mediums. Blogs, ipods, tivo, cable, satellite. ... they are impacting operations and the FCC can unshackle broadcasters' hands.

Comment by Michael Hussey, April 27, on "Shakesville's comments about Christopher Dodd in Dem debate," by Wayne Garcia, "Morning Roundup," thepoliticalwhore.com

Wayne, Shakes is a pal, but the reason she was impressed with Dodd is him getting personal on his support of civil unions. She is a big advocate for the gay and lesbian community. Personally, I think candidates sound weak saying they support civil unions, but not gay marriage. Edwards and Kerry floundered when trying to bs their way out of coming out and supporting gay marriage. It comes off as lacking the political courage to make a stand.

Plus, Dodd doesn't have a chance in hell of getting the nomination.

Side note: Many professors and think tank members are staying away from making comments and reciting previous positions. These people want positions in the next administration. They aren't going to say anything that will fuck up their job opportunities.

Comment by Chris W, May 4, on "GOP Debates: The Flat-Earth Society," by Wayne Garcia, thepoliticalwhore.com

Evolution scares the hell out of a certain personality type that really needs there to be Someone Up There In Charge, because it explains how we got here without needing a guiding hand at all.

It doesn't say that there couldn't be a God up there keeping his hand in by directing evolution, but it doesn't say there has to be one either. And that's where it runs afoul of your average fundamentalist or conservative evangelical (or conservative Catholic, for that matter).

The validity of the theory of evolution isn't really in doubt among people who know the evidence for it. It isn't in doubt among the people who see how well (and how easily) it explains mountains of data from dozens of different fields of study. There isn't a controversy about whether or not evolution took (and is taking) place; there is only a controversy among people who want to stick their fingers in their ears and chant "la la la la" instead of taking the trouble to enlarge their view of their God.

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