Searching and waiting
Re: "No Ring on My Finger: Confessions of a Modern-Day Spinster" By Laurel Chesky (Sept 3-9)

I too would love to find and meet a man to marry. I'm a successful, educated woman who owns her own home, has her own money, and is looking for her white knight in an SUV. I've been the cohabitation route and even called off my November wedding because he wasn't the one. I want the kind, sexy and gainfully employed man who makes me laugh too. Is there anyone left in Tampa who even fits the bill? I think so, but they sure are hard to find. In the meantime, I'll keep looking for my prince in the large frog pond that is Tampa Bay. So what if my feminist friends call me a sellout. It's about being happy.

And in the end, isn't that what we all want?

—Sarah L. Davis

Who's gutless now?
Re: "…Liberalism is gutlessness," a letter (Aug. 27-Sept. 2)

In reponse to Tom Voiland's wannabe Billy Badass posturing, here are a few alternate definitions of gutlessness:

1. Gutlessness is a chickenhawk President who never served in combat telling the Iraqi resistance to 'Bring it on' from the cushy safety of 8,000 miles distance, secret service protection and secure, undisclosed locations.

2. Gutlessness is willfully giving up the Constitutional freedoms that so many thousands fought and died for because some unelected bureaucrats decided it was in the interest of "national security."

3. Gutlessness is slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in the name of 'liberating' them.

4. Gutlessness is when the elected representatives of the people roll over and let an unelected (Supreme Court appointed) administration use the U.S. armed forces as a corporate goon squad based on lies and boogey-man stories.

5. Gutlessness is when people who turn a blind eye to their country being sold for scrap all of a sudden pretend to remember their patriotism by sticking flags on their trucks.

6. Gutlessness is when a mainstream, so-called free press willingly becomes the propaganda arm of the state, and last but not least,

7. Gutlessness is when people try blaming others like liberals for their problems because they are too cowardly to face up to them by themselves.

—Ali Sugerman

Free samples build sales
Re: "It's Still Stealing," a letter about music file-sharing (Aug. 27- Sept. 2)

Greg Zink writes: "If you could provide one example of a working musician or filmmaker who has measurably benefited from the worldwide heisting of copyrighted materials, it wouldn't change the definition of larceny."

The writer is right about one thing. It probably doesn't change the definition of larceny (although it's a weak definition).

But I can name one band that benefited from so-called, "heisting of copyrighted materials": Metallica.

The band that led the charge against Napster only became famous due to teens copying their tapes and giving them to their friends. Everyone near 30 who listened to "Kill 'em All" through "Master of Puppets" had a copy of the tape at one time or the other. Of course, some of us bought the albums, but not all. Hypocritical to the point of humor, I suppose.

—Chris Lynch

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