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Anatomy of a Supremacist

Re: "White Dollar Crime" by Fawn Germer (March 6-12)

I have to be honest; I don't know what the big deal is. I come from the Howard Stern belief system of white supremacist. I think they are hilarious, and I am always happy to hear of their stupidity.

Let's take the term by definition. White: devoid of hue, lacking color, blank. Supremacist: one who believes that one group is supreme. Chances are this person believes that he and his pickup-truck-driving, wife-beating, toothless friends are superior. Who's to say?

Back in high school, my friend Truc Chi always ruined the bell curve in our chemistry class because this Vietnamese woman was supremely smarter than the rest of us. Michael Jordan has racked up more points on the basketball court than many others because he is a supremely better basketball player than everyone else.

When you think about it, Weekly Planet is a progressive newspaper and ebonically speaking, you should take that bitch ass cracker's money and laugh all the way to the bank.

I know there is a guilt thing involved about taking his whole $194 dollars, so do something good with it: Make a donation in his name to Act Up or the United Negro College Fund or better yet, let him sponsor a column every week written by yours truly. I would use the money to buy falafels, humus, yarmulkes, Melissa Etheridge records and yoga classes. Just a thought.

Jerry "Supremely Poor" Nixon

... ... ...

As a person with liberal to radical-left leanings, I look to your paper as something of an intellectual oasis in the largely conservative stronghold of Tampa Bay. After reading Fawn Germer's article, I must say I have lost a great deal of respect for your publication. It was bad enough that you ran Ralph Rapeto's ad and then resorted to an apology for overlooking its content; that you ran Fawn Germer's article was an even bigger mistake than letting the hate monger's ad into your paper in the first place. At least very few people even noticed the original ad. To my dismay, I discovered that what was billed as an article on white supremacists turned out to have a punch line that was little more than pro-Israel propaganda. Contrary to Germer's grotesque implication, Israel's own policies are, ironically, much more closely aligned with Hitler's than are the tendencies to blame Israel for the unjustified slaughter and extreme impoverishment of Palestinians. Germer and the editors at the Planet need to read history more critically before letting this sort of ignorant, confused verbiage into print.

The following was written by Ishai Menuchin, a major in Israel Defense Forces reserves. "It is morally impossible to be both a devoted democratic citizen and a regular offender against democratic values. Depriving people of the right to equality and freedom, and keeping them under occupation, is by definition an antidemocratic act. The occupation that has now lasted a generation and rules the lives of more than 3.5-million Palestinians is what drives me, hundreds of other objectors in the armed forces, and tens of thousands of Israeli citizens to oppose our government's policies and actions in the West Bank and Gaza."

Adam Gottschalk
Land O Lakes

... ... ...

Hey at least Weekly Planet has the intestinal fortitude to own up to it. Most would not. That's what makes it such a great read.

Charles Jackson
Tampa Bay New Progressive Alliance

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