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An Inexplicable Defense
I've always been a fan of the Weekly Planet offering an interesting alternative to the St. Petersburg Times and regularly exposing the Times' secret agendas. However, a recent column by Doug Tuthill crossed the line. His inexplicable defense of the Uhuru Movement and Omali Yeshitela was not only insulting to the Times staff but also to the St. Petersburg Police Department and City Hall. Furthermore, it would seem to be highly offensive to those in the African-American community who have been trying so hard to distance themselves from Yeshitela and his illegitimacy.

Tuthill's research of the man has fallen well short, depriving Weekly Planet readers of the big picture surrounding this radical rabble-rouser. Tuthill made no mention of Yeshitela and his group calling for the execution of former Mayor Fischer and other city leaders. Tuthill made no mention of the Uhuru website referring to the police as terrorists. If readers wish to go beyond the seemingly cozy relationship between Tuthill and Yeshitela and the fallaciousness contained in the aforementioned column, they will realize that there is only one terrorist. His name is Omali.

Kevin King
St. Petersburg

The Limits of Satire
Scott Harrell thinks we are all dumb. The tone of the "apology" makes this clear.

The man made something up to prove his point. Call it satire if you want and try to make people feel stupid for believing you, but understand that at this moment Americans are surrounded by half-truths and truth "bending." I don't care whether you direct this towards Michael Moore or Dick Cheney. People are frustrated in having to pick apart journalism, even opinion-based journalism, to find what is real. These antics aren't helping matters.

I'm glad Mr. Harrell enjoys Swift. But someone should tell him that by reading such things he doesn't automatically become smarter than all of his readers. Whatever years of education Mr. Harrell has had, it hasn't led to any sort of emotional maturity. He is in over his head. The "apology" is an obvious panic and Scott Harrell's true lack of character was revealed.

As the editor, I feel you should be made aware of how things of this nature work to discredit your publication.

Dante DelGrosso
St. Petersburg

Boy! Scott Harrell sure came off as some kind of weenie in his (non)apology/correction. He seems to be saying "Sorr-EEE, but you must be some kind of boob if you believed my fortune cookie story."

He seems to be saying everybody should've known he was lying. Well, pardon me! How many other columns has he written that were bogus, exactly? I think many people took his words at face value (myself included). I had no idea he was in the habit of making things up.

Unfortunately, as a result of such insulting whininess, I'm no longer even slightly interested in anything he has to say — and I was only slightly interested before.

Carol T. Benjamin
St. Petersburg

Admittedly, I was one of those taken in by your story. Though it seemed ridiculous, it was all too believable, unfortunately. I am glad it didn't really happen!

The reason I am writing though, is the amusing result of my having read the column. My local Chinese restaurant told me, when I asked half-jokingly if they could make me a General Tso Tofu, that they would be happy to make it for me. All I needed was to ask and they would fry some tofu in the General Tso sauce! So from your joke arises something that I hope shall prove to be quite tasty, if perhaps not so healthy. I shall let you know how it is.

Beverly Shaw
Land O' Lakes

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