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—Lorraine Margeson, via e-mail

It really is difficult to believe the reason stated for the news reporting cut back. Your revenues, based on the number of consistent ads that run every week, must be at least respectable, if not significant and very profitable. So what's the real reason for the cutback?

—Dan Calabria, South Pasadena

March on the Politicians

Does anyone belonging to the Florida Alliance for Peace and Social Justice or who read Rochelle Renford's piece on protesting MacDill realize who makes the decision to go to war? Well, it isn't the men and women stationed at MacDill, who have chosen a career to protect the rights of our country, who uproot their children every two to three years to be relocated to another base, who risk their lives to ensure the security of our nation.

It's the job of the elected officials that WE chose. If anyone is unhappy with the plans, go to the source: Washington, D.C. Maybe the FAPSJ could adopt a new cause and rename themselves the Florida Alliance of Peace and 100 Percent Voter Turnout. Blame it on Congress, blame it on the eligible voters who didn't show up at the polls, but please don't stand outside their workplace and blame it on the people who serve our country.

—Michele Collins, via e-mail

Happiness is a Warm AK-47

I enjoyed your article on U.S. arms dealers. I liked the picture of the AK -47 so much I hung it on the wall of my garage. It's one of my favorite weapons! I know, I know, filthy Americans arming the world. We even armed the terrorists with airliners on Sept. 11 right? Will Weekly Planet EVER write/publish a pro U.S. article? Maybe between your praise of Al-Arian and Bush bashing, you could print something positive about America? Or maybe you could move your coalition of "rainbow-reporters" to a nice South American country where they can teach you a lesson in freedom ... ya know, show you what free press is all about. It's hard to lend credence to a publication that writes about human rights and freedom while at the same time sells cheap porn from its back pages.

—Greg Doran, Largo

I can agree that people who violate gun laws to the extent that they export large quantities should get more than a slap on the wrist. Nevertheless, this article is aimed at gun ownership generally, as evidenced by the remarks at the end about the Second Amendment. The fact remains that there are huge quantities of military weapons already on the black market.

I find it ironic that those who oppose an individual's right to bear arms are usually the strongest supporters of a so-called right to abortion — something never mentioned or contemplated by the writers.

—Leonard Martino, via e mail

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