Post Post-Mortems
One could only imagine the smile across my face as I was reading the articles by Max Linsky and David Bramer ... along with the visual of the editorial staff at The Weekly Planet in a collective groan session. Although I love WP for the excellent restaurant and film reviews (and the killer crossword puzzles), the political view/bias/ agenda is not only blatantly obvious, but unappeal-ing and somewhat comical. I actually couldn't wait for the election result issue to come out.

However, I do want to express a bit of sympathy for my fellow Americans who follow a different political ideology. Eight years ago, I didn't like William Jefferson Clinton. I voted for the Dole/Kemp ticket, not because I particularly liked Bob Dole, but because I loathed the presidency of Bill Clinton (sound familiar?). So, I feel your pain. It's good to know, though, that Bruce Springsteen, Al Franken, Michael Moore, The Dixie Chicks, Dan Rather, George Soros and others are scratching their heads as to how their impact on this election seemed almost non-existent. Terrorists attack Spain, and a week later, the voters elect a radical change in government and pull their troops out. In the end, voters didn't want that to happen here. Amidst the protests and ads, we made the right decision for the path of America ... which is to go after terrorist threats wherever they are. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to future articles.

— Brian C. Elis, Lutz

Martin Sherman wrote a short story of two children and said he preferred the second. Let's see how Bush stands up to that comparison. Our education test results keep showing this nation is less and less educated. In fact, Bush's own state is one of the lowest. More and more people are entering poverty in this country and work longer hours, if they're lucky enough to have a job. So we're not well-fed or rested. Since Bush and Co. have made sure with the Un-Patriot Act that we cannot defend ourselves in secret courts against secret evidence, I guess we are also unable to fend for ourselves. He is strict, though. In fact, he's so strict that if you disagree with him in any way, point out how wrong he is or stupid, you're then considered unpatriotic and need to be punished in secret courts. And yet you voted based on his morals? Let me ask you, whom would Jesus bomb?

— Keith Edwards, Seffner

Shop Till You Drop
With all the crap going on in the world right now (especially with Bush and Co. turning this country into the Fourth Reich), I can't see why you guys waste so much space on an unfunny Xmas shopping satire about some fictional family. At the beginning of this year, the Weekly Planet failed to print the top censored stories of 2003. Let's hope you don't repeat that same "oversight" in 2005 for some silly local story or worse, some idiot's attempt at humor. Alternative newspaper, my ass!

— John Sirois, Indian Rocks Beach

Brat Like Me
You were right on with that military brat article last week. I've always wondered why so many of my high school peers ended up in this crazy state. I too used to live in Spain (Rota Naval Base) but graduated in 1998. I must have friends in Orlando, Miami, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Pensacola, not to mention other states. I am also running into random people from Rota all the time, civilian and military. I honestly think military kids are unique and a pretty close-knit crew, especially those who happen to share a life overseas. Thanks for the memories.

—Christopher Nix, Safety Harbor

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