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Mesmerized by Granny D THANK-YOU! We LOVE the cover story about Granny D.

—Ronald J. Edwards, via e-mail

Boycott the Dog Track

It seems at least once a month you HAVE to include going to the dog track in your list of "COOL" things to do. Are you insane or just fresh out of backwoods Lutz? I really have no desire to spend an evening with boozers, gamblers and other lowlifes who just need to go to work instead of trying to make a quick buck at the expense of a poor animal. I'm not going to fill this letter with facts and statistics on an industry that is inherently cruel, but I feel I must raise my voice against your hypocritical stance on the dog racing industry. I remember PETA running anti-racing ads in your paper years back; have you gone through such a big turnover in staff to not remember the photos of dead greyhounds sticking out of a Dumpster or their bodies being used for medical experiments? And good show trying to redeem yourself with mentioning adoption, although maybe you should get some info on that as well, as most retired dogs are not capable of being jogging companions due to the fact that most "retire" when they have sustained injuries rendering them incapable of jogging or otherwise for long periods of time. Please return to a more compassionate Planet. The greys will thank you for it.

—Patti Grose, Tampa

Judy's Expanding Wallet

Thanks for the very entertaining "Resolutions." Judy Genshaft's new salary smacks of a corporate CEO or a politician. As president of University of South Florida she has been spineless in the Al-Arian affair and allowed the "free speech zone" on her campus. So much for USF being an institution of higher learning (how about higher earning?). As Monty Burns would say: "Excellent."

—Ray Wilson, Tampa

He-Man, Woman-Hater Flub

Mr. Bates: Obviously, you are a typical misogynistic, chauvinistic selfish male who has no "goals, dreams, aspirations, and hopes" but to assume power and control over women. The world doesn't need another masculinist movement. Feminism did not give men the right to be lazy! This is the 21st century, sir! All we want is love and respect. It is also apparent to me that you did not have a healthy, normal relationship with your mother, or maybe you have an ex-wife or two. Yes, I know men have feelings. They need things, too. All I'm saying is women and children need to be respected and protected! We're all not hateful, money-grubbing, cold-blooded, devious snakes (like probably the ones you have dealt with). If I, as a 36-year-old female, can release my bitterness and anger toward men, I know you can too. So, no it's not OK for a man to be "raped, mutilated, murdered and injusticed," but, women don't rape, mutilate or murder men (well, not that often, anyway)! I'm curious though. What do you want out of life? Don't waste it hating the opposite sex! Yes, I feel cheated too, but so what. Love yourself first, Greg. It all starts with the SELF! Violence against ANYBODY is always unacceptable and evil! Don't feel threatened by a Babe in Total Control of Herself, OK? We are all not evil Bitches! Please!

—Charlene R. Pickett, St. Petersburg

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