Welcome, David

Read your first note with interest. Six years ago we moved from Chicago to Tampa, and my biggest fear was what kind of papers and writers was I going to have with my morning coffee. After all, I was used to the likes of Royko and Verdi. But with Dan Ruth and the good staff at the Planet, the coffee tasted pretty good down here. Welcome to Tampa and good luck.

Jim Peterson
Via e-mail

Welcome to the Tampa Bay area! From your self-description it appears we are lucky to have you.

I think you will find that one area of weakness in our cultural "scene" is independent films. Various efforts have been tried and failed. The latest is Sunrise, valiantly trying to continue for the failed national chain, Madstone.

Weekly Planet has recently added a column of "independents," and this is excellent. However, you (I should say, WP) still are not doing a very complete job of making sure there is some type of review or, at the very least, a description, of these independent films.

For example, this week, there is no information provided on Carandiru, playing at Burns Court in Sarasota. We happen to be members, and get e-mail information — but lots of folks don't.

The independent film scene here struggles, and every little bit helps. It's frustrating to pick up a paper, see that something is playing but not have a clue what it is.

Elinor Gollay
St. Petersburg

Passion for Writing

That was an excellent article you wrote about Tina and Ellora's Cave. I'm one of the "early" authors and have seen the company grow from very small beginnings. It's definitely a success story in e-publishing.

Kate Douglas
Via e-mail

WOW! Fantastic article on Tina and Ellora's Cave. It's so great to see such a great cover story about her and all she's accomplished!

I'm one of the nutsy writers from Tina's "stable"! LOL! I just had to tell you it really is a wonderful company to write for. I've released three novels in the historical romance genre through another publisher, but never made enough money to even think about writing as a full-time passion that I could commit to. Well, since Ellora's Cave screamed, "Come on board!" about two years ago, I've been able to quit that daily grind and do what I love to do best.

I will forever be indebted to Tina and her wonderful crew at Ellora's Cave. You can bet I will be at your website from here on out, checking what you've got to say. Kudos!

Ruby Storm
Via e-mail

Hurts So Bad

Your article on Richard Paey was excellent. More articles like this one need to be published.

I too have chronic pain caused by a simple hip replacement gone bad. I am now on a morphine pump, Oxycontin and other drugs to help dull this horrible pain. I get absolutely no "high" taking the drugs I am prescribed. All they do is help with my pain.

This "war on drugs" has gotten out of hand and, as you so aptly pointed out, is now targeting doctors and their patients.

I hope the Paey Family can get the case on their husband and father overturned as Mr. Paey committed no crime.

Tom Hanson
Los Angeles, Calif.

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