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As part of our relentless campaign to pimp our Best of the Bay Awards Show (The Loafies, Sept. 24, Tampa Theatre, be there!), we've sprinkled this edition of Best of the Bay with visual puns that are meant to a) remind you of The Loafies and b) hammer home once and for all the fact that the paper's called Creative LOAFing. Shamelessly enough, we even got some perfectly respectable people to help us perpetrate this mayhem; many thanks to the following, who endured various unnatural couplings with Cuban bread for the sake of hard-hitting (or half-baked, depending on your perspective) journalism: Dannielle Fiore; Gaspar's Grotto; Brendan McLaughlin; Jennifer Oppelt; Joran Oppelt; Shawn McWashington; Robert Richmond; Bob Ross; Eric Snider; Wade Tatangelo; Wolfgang Weber. And many thanks to Alessi Bakery (Phil Alessi, Robin Lamirande, Fred Souliotos) for all that bread.

This issue also marks the debut of a feature celebrating a different kind of winner. In "The Influencers," we'll be talking every week to people who are making a difference in the future of Tampa Bay, whether they're doing so behind the scenes or in more public capacities. Some names you'll recognize, some are under the radar (for now, at least); all have something to say worth listening to — and all are playing a role in what happens to our region.


I read Jaden Hair's first article in CL ("Jaden voyage," Aug. 29) and your secret to a perfect steak. I had just brought home a bunch of Elk meat from Colorado and decided to try it out. After coating my very plump and jucy thick cuts of Elk with the Kosher salt and waiting an hour, I was ... well, "dismayed" would be putting it mildly to find them sitting in about a quart of their own juice and looking (and feeling) like old raisins. The (very expensive) meat is ruined, I thought!!! And here I have guests coming to eat it in a half hour!! Well, ya gotta have faith, as the song says, so I cooked it up and hoped for the best.

Now elk meat does have a reputation for toughness and dryness, and I have to say this came out much better than the appearance after the salt bath would have suggested. It was relatively tender and moist, could be cut with a butter knife as you promised and my guests enjoyed their taste of Colorado very much, flavored with the salt and some crushed garlic I had added. Thanks for a great tip and keep 'em coming!

Lori Dobson, via e-mail

Comments from our website, tampa.creativeloafing.com:

Re: "Shooting the Shooter," by John Ross, Sept. 5: Lengthy article, but what is the point? Are we to sympathize with this arrogant dilettante who chose to dive into the middle of a dangerous battle between anarchistic savages and murderous thugs? I hope not. You cannot insert yourself into a street battle and then escape by calling time-out and waving a U.S. ID. The combatants understand that they are risking their lives and so should photographers. And after all that time spent in Latin America, this clown did not speak Spanish? Sorry, but he asked for it and he got it.

Tom Kelsey

Re: "Tall Order," by Alex Pickett, Sept. 12): Go Julie! As a 40-year-old trans woman, I had it tough, but the feeling of being you makes it all worthwhile. Smile every day you are alive!

Hugs, Barbra

Re: "United Front," by Wade Tatangelo, Sept. 12): Aych is a monster in the Bay, one of the best rappers out right now. I respect and admire what he's been able to accomplish in his short time here. Keep it movin'.

DJ Mingle Mixx

From the blogs:

On tampaiscalling.com: Eric Snider's post remembering the late drummer Jeff Wood drew a number of heartfelt responses, including one from local rock legend Joe Popp, excerpted here:

Thanks so much for the sincere words Eric. He was truly one of a kind. Jeff Wood lived to play drums. ... We never know what we have until it's gone, and the years I played with Jeff were certainly two of my best. Jeff Wood is dead — Long live Jeff Wood.

On eatmyflorida.com: Leading up to Creative Loafing's International Beerfest in Ybor on Oct. 20, Brian Ries has embarked on a beer-a-day project. Read along as he shares his taste test results. Also on the blog, our new cooking columnist, Jaden Hair, reveals the secret of Magical Boob Job Cookies; and we give you a truly jaw-dropping recipe from the former Mrs. Larry Craig.


The cover illustrator for last week's story "Shooting the Shooter" was listed incorrectly. Her name is Alice Lewis.

The photo of Hector Mayoral in last week's See & Do was taken by Sue Suby.

And this comment from a concerned reader re "Leading Light," by Mark Leib, Sept. 5: Mr. Wilson of the St. Pete Times (who will be part of the series at 620) is JON, not JOHN. And for the sake of full disclosure, yes, he is my dad. And I know it's lame that I'm writing, but come on, check your shit man!


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