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To Them, Pops is Tops
Wade, what were you drinking? ("Nighthawks: Breakfast in the all-night diner," by Wade Tatangelo, June 13-19.) I, as many of my friends, meet for lunch [at Pop N' Sons] Monday thru Friday. We talk about life, politics, family, and today it was about YOU. In fact the whole restaurant was talking about YOU. I met my wife there. My best friend Barry and I have been coming there since it opened. I met a lot of close friends there. I lost a lot of friends there that passed away from illnesses...Stop by at lunch someday when sane, normal people are out and at the restaurant. We'd probably notice you because obviously you're not normal. But you'll find that Pop's people will make you feel at home no matter how out of place you appear. The food's pretty dang good, too, for the price. But most of us come in for the people and conversation. Like Tom tells Jerry every day, "You know we don't come for the food." So rather than base your inspection at 3:00 a.m., I'd invite you back when all the crazies are still in bed sleeping. But who knows, sounds like you would probably still be in bed yourself.
Leon & Peggy Seese, via tampa.creativeloafing.com

Raw Emotion
For how many years did people live on raw milk? ("Milk Money: Confessions of an undercover goat farmer," by Alex Pickett, June 13-19.) I know it wasn't until middle school or above, when my grandparents could no longer raise the cows, that we bought milk. It was always fresh and raw. Less government intrusion and more freedom please! What's happened in our country today is NO ONE takes personal responsibility anymore. Since we are too stupid to make our own decisions, big daddy government needs to protect us. BLECH!!!! NOT!!!
healthytampa, via tampa.creativeloafing.com

I am disgusted that my selling milk is illegal here as well. I have three families that took me four years to get simply because I was scared to death of every one of them being a trap. It's a hard road, this living healthy. My eggs look nothing like the store-bought excuses and my milk? Not even in the same realm. Anything I grow seems to taste better and last longer than the store stuff, too. Why don't more people raise hell about this?? Keep milking!!
Goatmom in Montana, via tampa.creativeloafing.com

Land Grabs
What do white people really expect when we buy property and take up residence in impoverished African neighborhoods? ("A Conversation with a 'Racist,' by Alex Pickett, June 13-19.) A warm welcome from the families we're displacing? Black people have worked like slaves in the tourist and nursing home businesses that form the bedrock of St. Petersburg's economy. What do they get for it? Their neighborhoods destroyed one after another — businesses, churches, schools and social continuity. Wiped out by Highway 275. Bulldozed for the Dome. And now the "redevelopment of Midtown" — so named to encourage white settlers. Average income in the area is around $10,000 per year. Housing costs have tripled and quadrupled since former Chamber of Commerce head Rick Baker took office. You do the math.

These houses may be inexpensive for most white people — even enabling us to quit our unpleasant corporate jobs and pursue our creative dreams — but they are completely out of reach for most African working-class residents. Then we call for more police to protect our unwelcome selves and more Africans are beaten, unjustly imprisoned or killed.

I'm appalled by the arrogance of white people who presume it is our inalienable right to live wherever we choose, while the people from whose centuries of stolen labor and land we benefit are put out in the street. I'm a white person who supports the Uhuru Movement and its demands for reparations and resources for genuine economic development — a massive infusion of capital for new and existing businesses owned by and for the residents of the African community. I believe the days where one group can live well at the expense of another are numbered.

Meanwhile, I expect that Cathy Salustri has succeeded in advancing her literary career by offering herself up as a spokeswoman for vigilante pioneers and the big money interests they serve. Move over, Ann Coulter.

Sandy Thompson, St. Petersburg, via e-mail

I must have one great set of fake titties. So glad to hear that my large mounds of augmented flesh made such a impact (Bar Tab, "Full Service," by Wade Tatangelo, June 13-19)! I must have been too busy trying to get people to look at them to notice ... my bad!! Oh I'm sure your article will keep the patrons away ... a bar with girls with big fake boobs, what a crap hole that place must be!!!! Boo-yah!! P.S. You caught me and my boobs on an off night ... you don't even realize!!
Amanda Jamieson, via tampa.creativeloafing.com

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