Letters to the editor

He Won Anyway Simply put, I'm appalled at the recent article, "10 Reasons Not to Vote for Jeb Bush" although, I suppose anyone even thinking about voting for Jeb Bush would be.

— Scott Jones, Tampa

Thank you so for the informative article. Rarely do you find such candid reporting concerning this prominent family. Unfortunately in true Republican fashion, the magazines in my apartment complex, Bayside of Palma Ceia, have disappeared. Apparently individuals intent on squelching the truth have intercepted this issue. Thank you again for presenting this material.

— Linda Militello, Via e-mail

Rochelle Renford did a thorough job of delineating the many details surrounding Bush's questionable record as governor and his position on the key issues of this present campaign. She not only entertained me, but she furthered my education on a subject about which I was already pretty well versed.

— Carla Sparks, Tampa

Good job, it must have been hard to select just 10, since there are probably hundreds

— Tom Lincoln, Via e-mail

I would like to personally thank you for your courage to write the honest and hopefully debilitating article on Jeb. While reading it, I was infuriated at our so-called governor's lack of leadership abilities, while being elated that a news publication would have the balls to print it. Hopefully, Jeb himself will read this and think, "Oh shit — they're on to me!" Some of this information I was already aware of, some was new to me.

— James R. Gilmore, Clearwater

I agree with you that Floridians should still be seething over 2000 elections. I am surprised McBride hasn't said a word about that. More people voted for Gore, so why isn't he trying to conjure up the emotions from that campaign, when democracy was trampled on by Special Interest Government. Keep up the good work.

— Brandon Keith, Via e-mail

Thank you for giving us 11 reasons for voting for Jeb. The last one is not to read lies in the Weekly Planet. You help the cause with your lack of knowledge.

— Betty Hover, Via e-mail

Let me say right off that I aspire to loathe the Bush ideology as much as the most passionate radical. My gripe has NOTHING to do with the intent or slant of Renford's piece. Overall the article was succinct and informative. But as a novice to the arena of political discussion, I found that the gaps in my knowledge were not filled in by the story as much as I would have liked, and that in several places it would have been very simple for Renford to satisfy me. The reason I think this is worth a letter is that I'm sure there are many like me who crave education who could become better warriors in the struggle if they were better informed.

— Jonah Salzman, Via e-mail

I have to say I'm greatly relieved that this week's cover page is back to something like it should be. I'm still mad about the ridiculous ranting and raving that your pitifully liberal writer tried to shove down all of our throats. And to think doing it on the very week of Tampa Bay's greatest nighttime party of the year! If you take the paper and open it to the exactly middle and fold it back the other way, you will see what should have been the front page! There are thousands of newcomers and visitors to the area that were deprived of a great opportunity of learning about Guavaween! If I were you I'd never again allow anyone on your staff to ever place such a sad example of political extremism in your paper again. In the very least, you should have made her show reasons why to vote for McBride instead of all of the pathetic crap that was mostly opinion with no proof to back it up. We would all be fools to throw out an incumbent governor who was the president's brother, no matter what party they were! Florida is bound to get unquestionable favoritism from Washington in all cases of potential benefit.

— Terry Thomas Carlton, Via e-mail

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