Letters to the Editor

Missing Sugg

Re: "Raw Deal" by Joseph Hayes (Dec. 6-12)

Get out your Ginzu IIs and let's start hacking away at tuna logs. Wow, a feature article about 30-year-old news and right next to the Food column!

"Raw Deal" is neither cutting edge nor is it particularly interesting. Ever since John Sugg left, the paper has decomposed into a compilation of featherweight features (high school volleyball) and porn ads. The only "raw deal" the readers got is when Sugg, a gutsy investigative reporter, left for Atlanta. He wasn't pretty. But he got the job done.

Ann Griffin
Via e-mail

Publix Service

Publix supermarkets has asked the March of Dimes to earmark the company's annual contribution so that it is not used to fund animal experiments.

While compassionate charities such as Easter Seals and Birth Defect Research for Children, use modern methods to fight birth defects, the March of Dimes tortures animals in cruel laboratory experiments. March of Dimes' experimenters have sewn newborn kittens' eyes shut; strapped primates into restraining devices for days at a time; implanted electrodes into the uteruses of pregnant monkeys; and administered cocaine, alcohol and nicotine to pregnant rats and mice even though we've known for decades that these substances are harmful to developing babies.

Instead of hurting animals, Publix will be helping people by funding programs that focus on direct care, community education, and prevention. For more information, please visit MarchOfCrimes.com.

Heather Moore, Correspondent
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

CorrectionLast week's letter to the editor was written by Diana Browning. Her first name was misspelled.

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