Letters to the Editor

Bust the Boor

Re: "Pork Chop Politics" by John F. Sugg (March 22-28)

Thank you for your article about Bubba the Blood Sponge. The maliciousness of the act — especially castrating the animal while fully conscious — coupled with the indifference and lack of integrity of Clear Channel executives is disturbing.

Though I did listen to 104.1 here in Orlando, I will not continue. That station is owned by Clear Channel, and supporting one station supports what CC's management appears to condone. Irreverent programming is one thing, but torturing and killing animals is unconscionable. Bubba deserves jail time, and the Clear Channel execs need therapy.

Kathleen Kennedy


Ratings, viewership, sponsorship — all important components of any successful media broadcasting organization — but, again, I wonder at what cost?

More and more it seems that we are asked to think for ourselves less and less. We're definitely feeling the consequences in the increasing violence in our world, so, where exactly are the responsibilities?

Thank you once again for the time and effort devoted by you and John Sugg in bringing responsible journalism to the public if for no other purpose, your article will hopefully remind us all that occasionally we need to think for ourselves. I am not so cynical as to believe that we have all totally forgotten our sense of right and wrong, but a good "dusting off" is sure in order.

Peggy Callahan

Via e-mail

Looking Good

Re: Redesign

I am back and forth to Tampa several times a year and when I arrive I try always to pick up and read your newspaper which usually contains interesting and thought-provoking articles.

But what has recently most impressed me is the totally new layout and design that is now being featured throughout.

Keep up the good work, as I've enjoyed every issue.

Vincent L. Tata

Fort Myers

Beating a Dead Horse

Re: "Tom's "Morning After'" by John F. Sugg (Feb. 15-21)

I just finished reading the article you did about the corrupt ways of blowhard Tom McEwen. Fascinating stuff, but hardly surpassing. In the few times I actually wrote to his weekly "Hey Tom" column, he refused to print my letters. I suspected a huge ego at the time and I was young. Now I am grown and completely understand the man had more power than most knew. He couldn't have gotten away with his slanted views if he didn't. Now I know why. Thanks for making it all clear and a special thank you for finally playing a part in taking that man out of my life for good. He was a complete waste of space and time.

Mike Bowers

Via e-mail

How to Rationalize Guilt

Anyone who really cares about sweatshop workers and child laborers should buy Nike shoes and support Nike. In fact, if you want the sweatshop workers and child laborers to have a raise in pay, then pay more for Nike shoes.

The Nike sweatshop custom shoes controversy was reported in a typically shallow and unlibertarian manner. No one dealt with the obvious question: If Nike stops using the so-called "sweatshops" will that solve anything? If Nike stops using the "sweatshops" will the sweatshop workers have to find jobs elsewhere and work harder and take a pay cut due to the sudden loss of their Nike jobs? Will the brainless bleeding-hearts only succeed in causing the sweatshop workers to be fired? Will the sweatshop workers take harder work elsewhere under worse conditions? Will the child laborers become paupers, pushers, panhandlers and prostitutes?

Rex Curry



The photo that appeared in last week's Art column was "Emulous Spirit," a mixed media by Brian Thompson. The caption identified it as a linocut by Daniel Dew.

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