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Not Sportsmanlike

Re: "The Devils are in the Details" by John F. Sugg (March 1-7)

While I am an avid sports fan, I resent it when cities/counties use taxpayer money to build stadiums for rich moguls without allowing the people to vote on it. Whether it's Pinellas ramming the Dome down the people's throats in the '80s or Tampa sidestepping democracy for the Glazers, this is a very offensive practice.

It's funny, the St. Pete Times and The Tampa Tribune agree on virtually nothing in terms of politics, yet both papers spearheaded these projects and they were both contemptuous of the public's right to vote on these projects that.

Joseph P. Caranante Jr.

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Civil Discourse

Re: "Civil Rites" by Rochelle Renford (Feb. 1-7)

I fully expected the article to be something along the lines of "Let's bash on a bunch of harmless lunatics who like to play dress-up," and I intended to write something to you about "how dare you demean reenactors, while promoting Scientologist Nazis" or suchlike. Much to my annoyance, I find I can't do that. Renford's article was entertaining, even-handed and pleasantly restrained. If your paper does more even-handed articles like this, I might, eventually, reassess my opinion of you.

Vojislav Stanojovic

Palm Harbor

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