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'Only as safe as you feel,' 'Taste of Tuscany'


Where do I begin? I could just about write a book about how terrible the situation with the SPPD is (Law & Order, "Only As Safe As You Feel," by Wayne Garcia and Alex Pickett, Aug. 23-29). First, they've allowed a drug house two doors down from us to operate for a decade. We have tried every possible angle to get help after realizing several years ago that the local police were not a part of the solution. This became extremely obvious in November 2004 when a patrolman out investigating shots fired in the neighborhood told us this house "is just a marijuana house." Besides the fact we know that more than pot is sold there and the fact they consistently harbor fugitives, it was very distressing to see how this house seems to be under some strange umbrella of protection.

Are they related to Mayor McCheese/Baker himself? Never was this family of criminals' strange relationship with the SPPD more obvious than when they were able to get two patrolmen at our front door within 20 minutes or less after I dared to mouth the word "trash" at the one criminal daughter who was sitting on the porch waiting for the next customer. But this turned into a blessing in disguise because this got us in contact with the United Neighborhood Alliance. They have our full support in cleaning up this city and hopefully sending Baker out of office in disgrace. Our fondest dream is for Baker to make Katherine Harris look like a winner by comparison.

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I see that the St. Petersburg Police Department keeps losing officers to local agencies, yet none from local agencies come to the St. Petersburg Police Department. To lose over 150 officers in three years is amazing, especially since it takes almost 18 months to replace one position.

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Hey Profitt, here's a perception for you: You're a total idiot! And you, Baker, Davis, Harmon and all others that are part of the coalition are going to end your pathetic careers in total shame. The national spotlight is shining on you and you can't spin your way out of that. We look forward to your total humiliation and will celebrate the end of your reign of terror in St. Pete.

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OK, first I read a cool Backspins review about Mitch Easter's Let's Active and now I see another Backspin review on The Stills-Young Band (we actually covered "Midnight on the Bay" at the Neil Young tribute at Skippers). Are you raiding my CD collection? Rock on!

Robert Vessenmeyer
Experimental Pilot
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I tried out Ponte's Tuscan Grill not expecting much, but thinking that since Mr. Ponte was an owner, that it could not be too bad (Food, "Taste of Tuscany," by Brian Ries, Aug. 23-29). I was pleasantly surprised and will go back. I ate there before the Planet had a chance to review it, but again the Planet has the best reviews in town.

Jeff Bock
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First of all, I want to say I understand and respect your views here (Food, "Full of It," Aug. 16-22). My husband and I have been going to Crazy Buffet for a few years now. Most of the time it is for one of two reasons: 1. We can't agree on what to eat so we go to eat different things at the same restaurant, or 2. For nostalgic purposes. We went there on our first date and got drunk as hell and fell in love. Everything seems better when accompanied by good memories.

Anyway, I think the main reason people are drawn to it is because everyone in the family can like something different and go to the same restaurant. I'd much rather get sushi at Samurai Blue, but when an argument may ensue, we call a truce and go to Crazy Buffet.

Allison Menendez
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In last week's article, "Only As Safe As You Feel," Central Oak Park resident Dan Spice was quoted as the president of the neighborhood association. Spice is a past president; the current president is Linda Phillips.

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