Losing Out

Richard Pryor dead at 65

In heaven, the pipe never flares.

Midwest reality

America's Next Top Model is from North Dakota; Survivor winner from Kansas; Biggest Loser from Iowa. Florida is losing its reality-show edge to the corn-fed minions.

Democrats rally in Orlando

Annual state convention's theme? "Staying Out of Third Place."

About face

Howard Dean tells Florida Democrats the war in Iraq is winnable after all. Libertarians high-five, prepare for second place.

MJ morning show advises "law-abiding" to get concealed-weapon permits

Apple to test-market tiny mp3-playing, hollow-point-firing iGun in Tampa Bay; tbt* plans two months of iGun cover stories.

Brian Blair

The only Hillsborough County Commissioner who still wants to sit on Santa's lap.

Sopranos actor arrested for murder

Don't make too much out of it; Sometimes a goomba offing a cop is just a goomba offing a cop.

Jolie's lesbian lover

Supermodel warns Pitt that the relationship's not over. Is that a promise?

Katherine Harris' demise predicted

Columnist/Devil Bob Novak writes that she'll drop out; then reveals her husband is CIA operative.

Pope Benedict: Materialism 'pollutes' spirit of Christmas

He's just mad he didn't get laid at last week's Hitler Youth Holiday Party.

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