Love and lust on the field as Adam Lambert rocks the Trop (with concert video)

Much like when Katy Perry came to town, the sexual energy hung densely in the air as the Glam Nation anxiously awaited their hero in the moist heat surrounding the stage. The cougars were in dire need of their Lambert fix. After a short, cute opening set by another Idol alum, and Fraggle lookalike Allison Iraheta , their wishes were granted. Adam took the stage near 11:30, but the excited glam brethren who'd been waiting in tight, cramped hallways for hours showed no weakness. Their eyeliner newly retouched, undersized shirts matted neatly to their skin, they howled with glee as the controversial rocker took the stage.

[image-1]Attired in an epic ensemble out of a demented Wonderland that even Alice wouldn't recognize, Lambert began his set with a medley of tunes that should have made his American CD release (Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire), but didn't. Not that his RABID fan-base had any trouble with the lyrics. Through the power of the internet, everything the boy's ever belted is available to all “Lamberghinis." Racing through tracks both raucous ('Fever') and intimate ('Soaked'), the master of glam and apparent energy provider never missed a beat. It was obvious his tightly wound set was intended to produce a hazy, love-powered clublike atmosphere in the vastness of a sports stadium. The effect wasn't lost.

The young performer deserves more credit than the TMZ and lifestyle “news” the media reports on. His hour-plus show included full choreography, costume changes, and the kicker: real, honest-to-goodness singing. While so many of his peers resort to lip-synching with such a lavish production, Lambert gives his fans the real deal, which is something commendable in his generation of pre-packaged pop. Sadly, his flamboyance and courage to do what he wants,when he wants to do it, is the only story much of the media like to share.

[image-2]During his time connected to his electrically tapped fans, Adam Lambert preached to his flock, selling a story of love and peace. No matter what colors the media or hate-filled sycophants paint him in, Lambert spreads nothing but the contrary to all those who'll actually listen. Fortunately it seems the message is spreading. The Rays drawing an attendance of 32,000 on the night of the show is no coincidence.

The positivity amongst those smashed together on the field was infectious. So much so, that the ordeal of getting in line to enter the field was easily forgotten. The concert series at The Trop may be successful, but it doesn't always show. The haphazard, dangerous and downright horrific assembly of setting up where concertgoers would be herded like RABID cattle was brutal. It seemed as if this were the very first time they'd performed such a duty, not one of the final shows of the season.

An entire review could be produced, based solely on the ineptitude of the crowd management, but the excellence of the performer and of the show the fans were provided superseded that. Perhaps it is true, then, that Adam Lambert is some form of higher power, the energy he provides conquering the hate, the ill press, the mistreatment of the fans. In the end it was love that decided the real game winner at the Trop.



In his fans' minds, he is their empath, a conduit to some kind of electrical force that powers their bodies, their minds. He of course is glam rocker and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, who lit up Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL Saturday night.To them he is the tribe leader, a charismatic marvel and power source. Of course, it's well known it doesn't take much to power RABID cougars and eleventeen-year-olds. Just ask Justin Bieber. Mystic electrical outlet or not, Mr. Lambert rocked the Trop after the Rays' 10th-inning squeaker of a ball game.


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