Love triangles suck, so why am I getting in another one?

It's socially accepted that if you can’t get what you need from 1 lover, try 2,  just not at the same time, unless you’re swingers,  in which case the only sucking involves getting off.

I've been involved in love triangles for many reasons: I only wanted a fuck-buddy, I didn’t want to get emotionally involved, I didn’t think I’d actually like him that much, I liked the rush of taking him from another woman.... But no matter what my reasons, someone was getting hurt. I’ve been in love with someone who was either married, had a girlfriend, or who secretly yearned for another woman.  Sometimes those women were my friends and sometimes they were strangers. I also let someone love me when I knew my heart belonged to another. I wanted to be loved so much. He wanted to leave his wife for me to prove how much he loved me.   He had a baby with her instead, which created a different kind of triangle, but since I’m only an advocate of fucking and not procreating, I’m not touching that one.

I can’t help it.  I’m in bed thinking of them both.  The one I’m hot for and the one I’m sweet on.  One intrigues me and plays hard to get while the other is pursuing me, making it too easy. Do I have to choose?   Will they make that choice for me?  Isn’t that what gets me in these triangles to begin with--not wanting to choose one over the other?  I'm always afraid that the one I let go of, was the one I should have kept?  Maybe I can be in my very own love triangle again without someone getting hurt?  Not likely.  If I knew what was good for me I’d pick one and give him my all.  I know which one, but like most people, he’s caught up in a love triangle of his own.

I spent the better part of 5 years in a love triangle, and now I’m creating another one.  After all the pain the last one caused, you’d think I’d be smarter, but people in love aren’t smart. I’m not actually in love this time, just intrigued by one and pursued by another.  If I let it continue then I'll be in a triangle. I’m not the only one in this situation.  I’m surrounded  by people in love triangles.  WTF…when did we go from wanting another person, to want two other people? Is it our self-centered selfish way of life? Is it low self esteem and insecurities that make us look for attention from more than one lover at a time?  Or is it where our society is heading—the triangle becoming the new relationship standard? 

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