Lucero Lights Up New World Brewery

Critic Amy Sciarretto has written that Lucero is “a band that doesn't have fans as much as they have diehards who come to every show and scream the words to every song from their classic albums like Tennessee and That Much Further West.”  Those diehards were definitively out in force for this show, bellowing out the words to every song — becoming part of the performance.

Mr. John C. Stubblefield

Mr. Brian Venable

The fan/band interaction with a Lucero show is unique and usually I enjoy it. However, I could understand the assholes who persistently threw beer on the band even after several members asked you to please stop — including a plea by Mr. Stubblefield that it seems a shame to waste beer while in an economic crisis.  Seriously, why would you do continue to throw beer on a band you love, soaking and potentially damaging their instruments — and anyone else who happens to be nearby (including me and my cameras!)? Sigh.

Results of beer throwing...

While working their way through the hit list, Lucero showed that they could put new spins on old favorites with the gifted assistance of Mr. Todd Beene and Mr. Rick Steff. New World Brewery turned into a downright juke joint at several points in the evening...

Mr. Todd Beene

Mr. Rick Steff

Let's face it — opening for a band with a dedicated fan base like Lucero can be disheartening because you often end up getting ignored. Luckily, David Dondero was up to the challenge and performed an engaging set which managed to capture the Lucero crowd. Mr. Dondero seemed more at ease during this performance than at past Tampa gigs and it showed in the quality of his set.

Mr. David Dondero

Mr. David Dondero at New World Brewery

And now for a brief commentary about the venue: New World Brewery is known as the destination of choice for local music lovers for smaller shows attracting under 300 people. Rarely, other than at multi-venue events like WMNF Heatwave (May 16th this year!), does anyone worry about getting into a show at New World Brewery.

Unfortunately, sometimes people take the old reliable for granted one time too many and miss out. Suffice to say there were lots of disappointed people Friday night when they realized the show was sold out and that no one was getting in without a ticket. In fact tickets for this show were available late last year so there was definitely plenty of time to get tickets!

Reactions to the sold out news were wide-ranging — from pleading offers of lots of cash and various sexual favors to berating choice words at the door guys. Perhaps, this experience will give local music fans a push to start taking shows more seriously and buying tickets in advance — nearly always available at Vinyl Fever without a fee and through the local promoter websites through ticketing groups.

This will assist local promoters to bring more visiting acts like Lucero to you in an intimate environment.  Thanks to all of the local promoters who work tirelessly to bring you a plethora of musical choices nearly every night of the week including but not limited to Jack at aestheticized, Keith & Susie at New Granada Presents, Joe at THX MGMT, and Matt at Transitions.

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Lucero at New World Brewery

Lucero played a long, raucous set Friday night at New World Brewery, plowing steadfastly through their extensive catalog while managing to thoroughly engage a sold out audience.  Lucero’s regular band members are Roy Berry (drums), Ben Nichols (vocals/guitar), John C. Stubblefield (bass) and Brian Venable (guitar). On this tour, they are joined by Todd Beene (pedal steel) and Rick Steff (keyboard/accordion).

Mr. Roy Berry

Mr. Ben Nichols

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