Luke Palmer

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Nominating Quote: Where should I begin? Stormy deep blue eyes like the sea he tries to tame. The fish take one look at him and just want to leap into the boat! He is a hot, salty, perfectly tanned god. For the first year I knew him, I couldn't form words in his presence.

Tony Danza or Tony Roma's?
Tony Roma's.

Angelina Jolie: Homewrecker, or just a co-star?

When was the last time someone asked you out?
Years ago.

Did you say yes?

When did you realize you were so friggin' lusty?
About a week ago.

Describe your bedroom for us.
Very comfortable. My bedroom is comfortable and welcoming.

What do you sleep in?

Who do you lust after?
Well, hell. This morning it'd be the woman I just started seeing. But if I wasn't seeing her … I think I just lust after women in general.

Word associations
Doing it: All over.

Bestiality: Pass.

Mac and cheese: Sustenance.

When you look into the mirror, do you say: "Goddammit, I'm sexy"?

What record do you play when you're feeling amorous?

What food would you like to roll around in?

Why do you live in Tampa Bay?
Actually, for the water - the coastal water.

Are these your 15 minutes of fame, or are you going on to something better?

Oh, going onto something better.

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