Luntz tells Fox News viewers that the network let them down

"I think in places like North Carolina, Virginia and Florida, we've already painted those red, we're not polling any of those states again," Paleologos said. "We're focusing on the remaining states."

O'Reilly asked Paleologos if he was certain those three states were already in the bag for Romney.

"That's right, and here's why: Before the debate, the Suffolk poll had Obama ahead 46 to 43 [in Florida] in the head-to-head number," Paleologos responded.

He went on to say that Obama was in a bad place for a number of reasons.

"Number one, his ballot test, his head-to-head number was below 47 percent before the debate, and it's very, very difficult when you have the known quantity, the incumbent, to claw your way up to 50. So that was a very, very poor place for him to be," he said.

At this point, we'll mention that on Saturday it was announced that Barack Obama officially won Florida, by just less than 1 percentage point. He also won Virginia on Tuesday night by three points.

At least Paleologos got North Carolina right. Romney won the Tar Heel State by 2.2 percent.

Many pollsters used the "less than 50 percent" figure as an indication that the small universe of undecided voters would ultimately turn against Obama at the end. That proved to be false, with Obama taking the national popular vote by more than 2.5 percentage points (50.6 vs. 47.9 percent).

Over the weekend, GOP language maven/pollster Frank Luntz went on the Fox News Channel to tell viewers the obvious: the various pollsters (Dick Morris, Scott Rasmussen, David Paleologos) who crowded the network's airwaves throughout October didn't know what the hell they were talking about when they said that Mitt Romney had solid leads nationally and/or in certain critical battleground states.

The money quote from Luntz's discussion was that Fox News viewers "ought to be outraged because day in and day out, they were told" Mitt Romney would win the presidency.

How about Paleologos with Suffolk, who went on The O'Reilly Factor on Oct. 9 to announce that he was pulling out of further polling in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, because Mitt Romney had apparently already wrapped them up.

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