Lust List 2014: Tony LaColla

Senior planner, Hillsborough County Planning Commission, president, Historic Ybor Neighborhood Civic Association, 38. In a relationship.

click to enlarge “She came up to me and told me she could tell I had a very kind soul.” - Todd Bates
Todd Bates
“She came up to me and told me she could tell I had a very kind soul.”

Are you the hottest city planner in Tampa?
Probably. No, there are some other good-looking ones. I wouldn’t say I’m the hottest.

What turns you on about your profession?
It’s very fascinating to me, the way city planning works with sociology, architecture… you get to touch on so many different things. I’m working on a comprehensive plan, on historic preservation, going to meetings about bike trails, riverwalks…

What’s the issue you’re most passionate about at the moment?
The mass transit initiative.

click to enlarge Lust List 2014: Tony LaColla - Todd Bates
Todd Bates
Lust List 2014: Tony LaColla
Are you and Jose [computer software programmer Jose Garboza] the handsomest gay couple in Ybor?

What attracted you about Jose?
I like that he’s intelligent and that he’s goal-oriented.

And physically?
He has a pretty smile, nice eyes…

Jose [who’s been standing on the sidelines watching the shoot], what attracted you to Tony?
Jose: He’s a pretty handsome guy all-round. I liked his face a lot.

Tony, when you’re giving a presentation on, like, regional planning, does anyone ever hit on you after?
Yes. Of course.

Tell me an example.
Wanna hear the weirdest thing ever? [He tells a story he says we can’t print.] But I did have one old lady hit on me once. She came up to me and told me she could tell I had a very kind soul.

You’ve lived in GaYbor…

I stand corrected. You’ve lived in Ybor for how long?
Seven and a half years.

What’s so great about Ybor?
As a city planner, you talk to people about being able to live in a community where you can walk. Ybor is one of the few places in Hillsborough County where you can actually live, work and play in the same community.

What do you do to keep in shape?
We go to Powerhouse Gym six days a week.

What’s the sexiest thing about Ybor?
Jose: I think it’s the fact that it’s real. It’s not fake, it’s not some suburban community. It feels a little bit like you’re in NY, like in the East Village. Kind of rough around the edges, but it’s got a lot of charm.
Tony: It’s got a lot of soul to it. You can feel it.

GaYbor was launched over the course of the time you’ve lived here. Did you notice a change?
The clientele coming to Ybor City has changed for the better. It’s drawing on a wider spectrum of people.

What are your favorite spots to hang out in the neighborhood?
Bradley’s on Saturday night, Sunday Funday at Carne for $2 martinis, Ybor City Wine Bar.

What’s the sexiest city you’ve ever been to?
I would say it’s probably New York City. When you go there, it’s like being a kid in a candy store; no matter what you want, it’s there.

I know that you are politically involved. You supported Obama. If there were no Jose in the picture, could you ever imagine yourself dating a gay Republican?
Never. Not gonna happen. No matter how hot they are.

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