Make your voice heard for clean energy legislation and get a free Bonnaroo compilation

[image-1]And it's easy. Just click here to visit the Music for Action website, choose which political entity you want to contact, and plug in your information. The template letter is ready to be sent, but you can revise it to add your own voice and opinions. You will then be offered instructions and sign-in info to retrieve your free Bonnaroo compilation.

To take it one step further, get creative and complete the Green Music Group Challenge. Currently, challenge No. 2 of 9  is underway: write a letter to an elected official "expressing your support for effective, fair environmental legislation" and get a picture taken with a local elected official. And they want to see just how crafty you can be. Prizes and actions vary for each challenge, but why not make this a competition with your friends or favorite organization to nab the ultimate prize: a Honda Insight Hybrid.

“This generation has an opportunity to be remembered as one that confronted environmental challenges and took responsibility for the future,” said Jack Johnson, a featured performer on the compilation. “With that opportunity comes the responsibility to speak out.”

So let’s put social networking to the test. We know communication can circle the globe in minutes. The lightning speed of taking action virally is what is needed in the race to save the planet.  And, we the people, of the United States of America, need to come together to prevent another National oil catastrophe. has made it easy to share communication with friends or family via Tweet, FaceBook, and sharing on MySpace. If you do not want to have your friends and family to miss out on the GMG challenge, then consider Tweeting, emailing, FaceBooking or MySpaceing this article.

Share the music -- share the fun! Take a stand for the sake of clean energy and our future.

“The decision made today will affect you and your children to come,” said former Grateful Dead guitarist, and member of HeadCount, Bob Weir. He continued, “Whether it’s voting in an election or speaking out about issues like climate change, it’s critical that we all make enough noise so that politicians have no choice but to listen.”

So get to it! Send your voice, download your music, get your picture taken, and enlist your networks to help – today!

Yes, you read correctly. Write to the powers-that-be and earn a free download of the “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation. HeadCount and the NRDC Action Fund teamed up with Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Phish, Jack Johnson and many other top artists to bring you the free download. The issue: Clean Energy NOW! Send your concerns to the press, Senators, and the President.

We need to join our collective voices and send a resounding “Enough is enough!” message to our elected officials. With the current oil spill crisis, planning and creating a clean energy future requires action now. Clean energy means more jobs, better health, and a world we can all enjoy – and more offshore drilling is not the answer. We are closer than ever to catching up with the rest of the world on climate change emissions. But the responsibility for action begins with you. You pay the salaries of every elected official by paying taxes – so, in essence, they are your employees! As the employer of your government, you must take charge and lead effectively. The best part is that it only takes one small step. Your voice, united with so many others, can make a difference.

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