Making class warfare a thing of the past and the future of our world

Many times I have heard people say that a true Democracy can’t possibly work. [image-1] And perhaps there is some partial truth to their absolute.  However, we are entering into an era where certainly a broader democracy can and will work.  We have the ability to allow people to educate themselves on a massive scale.  We also have the ability to make it easier to allow more people to become involved in their own local governance.  Florida’s Hometown Democracy is an early example of how this can begin. 

Attorney [image-2]our State.  The problem is overdevelopment and the destruction of our environment.  Her proposal allows for all citizens to be allowed to vote on land use changes in their own City and County.  Comprehensive Land Use Plans were supposed to ensure that growth not be allowed to overwhelm and ruin Florida’s communities, environment and way of life.  Land use changes are supposed to be made to benefit the public interest.  However, often times they are made to benefit only the developer who is requesting the change, and possibly the Public Officials (City Council/County Commission) that vote to allow the change.   Activists know if the public interest was truly considered, then what of the fact that hundreds of citizens show up to the hearings on these proposed changes and hundreds more email, snail mail, call and picket the changes?  Leslie’s plan is to give all citizens a voice, at the ballot box.  No more begging elected officials to give us the same rights they give to “The Have Mores”.  Let us have equal rights, and if the majority chooses to proceed with the land use changes, then so be it.  What possible reasons can you think of not to allow yourself a say in what gets built and what gets destroyed in your home town?  Would you really rather let someone else have the sole ability to tell you how your quality of life is going to be in your own home?  Perhaps you have not taken a good look around. Examine just how bad things have gotten in the economy as well as the environment. Do you really want to let this system continue on this disastrous path?  Isn’t it high time to change the structure of big business running our government and our way of life?  They have turned us into Consumers (watch Story of Stuff), instead of Citizens.  As Citizens, we have the right to Govern Ourselves.  The only entities that would oppose this concept would be those that profit from the current model of the corporate run Representatives.  What you can do: Go to, or call 727-490-3213 The New Petition Network and order your petition. Or simply go to Florida Hometown Democracy Website: and print the petition and/or donate money to the cause.


We have a new set of tools in our hands.  We can organize better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.  The power that was once only held in the hands of the chosen few, is now in the hands of us all.  Those who wrote of a desperate dismal future for mankind, like in [image-3] us remember and never forget the brutal slashing of the Homeless Tent City in St. Petersburg, by Rick Baker and his Nazi like cronies.  These events were caught on tape and the videos were posted to You Tube, even though these criminals have not yet been brought to justice, the fact that the proof of their crimes is well document for all to see, is a major step forward. There are numerous examples and these are only the beginning, of a tide of change. 

Remember the days of total corporate control of movies and music?  It used to be that only those lucky enough to be chosen to become Stars, were allowed any airtime. That old system shut out many talented people.  Now any artist, can produce there own music or film, in high quality, and distribute it globally on the internet. Furthermore, the system regulates itself.  You can listen/watch what you choose.  People who find interesting things can recommend them, and pass them on and before you know it the piece becomes [image-4]the New York Times front page and caused a reaction from Fox News.

I once had one of my Kundalini Yoga instructors tell me that we are leaving the old way of secret societies and control of the masses in the Piscean Age, only to enter into an age of openness and honesty, where people share and help regulate themselves in the Aquarian Age.  I wish I could say that I knew this to be true.  What I can say is that we already have shifted greatly in many ways, some of which I have described and others you will notice the more you look around.  Some things will change on their own, as they always do, without much say from mankind.  The rest of these changes must come from people like you and me.  Begin to think and speak only of the changes that you choose to have take place, and avoid being drawn into discussion about the negative things that have happened in the past.  Yes, of course, we must identify the problems first, and then we must move on to the solutions.  Avoid constant re-defining of the problems, especially if no solution is offered in the conversation. 

The “Have Mores”, only have more of what belongs to all, and it may not be as important to change their point of view, as it is to convince the ”Have Less’” that they have what is really important:  the power of the collective. 

Let's create a new cycle of history.

By taking the wisdom we have learned from past events, we can move forward free from the past and also enjoy freedom from the cycle of history repeating itself.  It has been said that class warfare has always been a part of our lives, even when it comes to our environment.  There are those who have more money who care more about sustaining their lifestyle, than they do about sustaining life on our planet.  There are those with less money, who care more about sustaining life, than allowing those with more to have it their way.  The difference has often been that those with more have also had more opportunity to squelch the views of those with less.  This is where a positive change is occurring. 

Many people far more educated than I am have told me stories and actually demonstrated how history has repeated itself.  I often respond to them by saying, “We are in a new era.  We have, for the first time in recorded history, several abilities that have never existed before” (that we know of).  These are:  1) The ability to travel anywhere on this planet in 24 hours or less, 2) The ability to talk to anyone, anywhere on this planet at any time, 3) The ability to translate every language in use today, 4) Access to “all” known information via internet, 4) The ability to travel to other planets.  As far as we know, these things have never before been available to mankind.  Therefore, we can not judge the future, by the limited scope of the past.  Our future need not be a bleak repeat of things we know all to well.  No more reruns of old tragedies and dramas.  With these new found abilities, we have found ourselves on a new path.  We are on the precipice of something much greater. 


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