Man manual: the body blunder

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The Body Blunder:

Men don't focus on our flaws as much as we think. Other women may, but men are more interested in what's on TV. They certainly aren't gonna notice that your hair is limp, or that you have a new blemish. Guess what? Your man didn't notice that zit on your chin until you pointed it out to him and asked if it was noticeable. Even if he did notice the cellulite on your ass, your asking him about it puts him in an impossible position. If he tells you your perfect you call him a liar and if he agrees with you then he's screwed!

By asking him about your imperfections, not only are you reminding him that your body is buffet of flaws, but you're being insecure--which is the definition of unsexy. If your man doesn't like your thick thighs then he can be a man and tell you about it, or he can break up with you if he's that superficial. The bottom line is that he is choosing to be with you, and your flaws.

If you think your ass is fat, it probably is. You don't need a second opinion. You can decide to loose weight, or just accept your flaws and be confident in yourself. Him lying to you about your imperfections is only going to piss you off, and make you feel even more unsexy and angry.

My advice. Spend less time freaking out over stupid SHIT! You worrying about whether he'll leave you over those new stretch marks will only add friction to your relationship, which in turn increases the chances that he'll leave you. He spends so much time telling you your beautiful and you spend even more time arguing with him that he's wrong!

Learn to be confident. No one is flawless, including your man!  He loves you for you and if he doesn't then you don't need him.

Please leave a comment with suggestions for my next instalment of the Man Manual

For those who don't know me, my head is always in the gutter; hell I rent out the sewer! I'm blunt when it comes to sex and relationships! Lately I've been dealing with all my girlfriends' drama and issues, but I've become aggravated when they don't listen. To save me many hours spent half listening to girlfriends cry into their phones over ruined relationships while shoveling comfort foods, I've decided to catalog my dating advice for you to flip through at will. Think of it as an encyclopedia for dealing with and dating men.

For my first entree I tackle the blunder of asking your man stupid questions about your appearance.

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