Mapping out a sustainable community


If we can all believe and envision in the same world together this will be a much easier process. I do believe that the ingenuity of man will come up with solutions for the problems we face. But we have to face our problems with open eyes and see the tangled web we have weaved.

I hope to one day bestow a world to my children that is free of war and poverty, and open to freedom and imagination. I want a world worth passing on. I want to look at every man and woman as my brother and sister and hold their hands as we possibly go through difficult times so that I know we can come out of it together with a much brighter future ahead of us.

There is no Apocalypse ahead of us, just a bright and abundant future full of possibilities. We may never have Utopia, but we should keep in our minds that perhaps Heaven on Earth is a possibility. Perhaps we've paved over the Garden of Eden rather than sat and enjoyed it.

Come join me at to learn how we as a community in the Tampa Bay area can craft our slice of heaven on Earth. Lets work towards a peaceful planet right here, right now!

I often get caught up in my own mind about the problems my generation faces. For over a year and a half I've been going around talking about peak oil, climate change, and general problems of the monetary/industrial economy we live in.

I've decided I'm done talking about the problems — I want to institute solutions. I want to see the local area where I live grow into a sustainable and resilient society that can last the next 100 years or more. I one day want to have a family and raise children and I want to make sure they live in a society and a world worth living in. I think it's too late for pessimism and doubt of society. We must engage with one another and our community to discuss solutions and institute them quickly and creatively.

Here is a mind map of where I'm coming from and some steps I see possible:

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