Maurice Ferre bashes Jeff Greene on Israel flyer as Meek soars to highest lead ever in polls

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Now the mostly silenced third candidate in this U.S. Senate race, former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre, is coming out and blasting Greene as well.  In a press release, Ferre repeats his  initial comments on the matter, questioning whether Greene is running "for the U.S. Senate or the Israeli Knesset?" and adds, "if Greene swears allegiance, will it be to the U.S. Constitution or to the Israeli Constitution, or perhaps both?" Here is the rest of his press release:

All 2010 U.S. Senate candidates are openly pro-Israel. My position is abundantly clear on my personal pro-Israel stance ( However, I strenuously object to the pandering that Mr. Greene is doing at the close of this campaign. What is the difference between Greene's pandering to the Jewish vote in Florida and Marco Rubio's anti-immigrant pandering to his Tea Party supporters?

If Mr. Greene does not understand the gravity of the United States Senate and his sworn duty to defend and protect the United States Constitution, then he is unfit to serve the people of Florida."

All of the latest polls, including two published overnight, show Meek well ahead of Greene going into Tuesday's election. Public Policy Polling has Meek running away with it now, up 51%-27%, by far the biggest spread since Greene got into the race on June 18.

We'll wait and see obviously how things play out tomorrow night, but it seems like a desperate move by Greene to go with the mailer as he did on Friday. In interviews he has been upfront about his disappointment with President Obama vis a vis Israel, but the fact of the matter is the same day those mailers dropped, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was announcing the resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians (though many experts remain pessimistic about any breakthroughs).

On Friday, Jeff Greene mailed out a flyer that boasted of his bona fides in supporting Israel while criticizing Kendrick Meek on the always sensitive issue, leading members of Meek's camp to deride it as "unseemly, almost disgusting."

In the mailer, Greene calls himself "a champion for Israel" and criticizes President Obama for his "diplomatic snub" of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back in March.  The mailer bashes Meek for only offering "bland promises to Israel" and criticizes him for not speaking out against the Obama administration's proposal for selling F-15's to Saudi Arabia (Meek told the Palm Beach Post yesterday that he doesn't agree with the sale to Saudi Arabia and says the deal has not come before the House yet).

Jewish organizations like the National Jewish Democratic Council have come out in support of Meek, releasing a statement Sunday saying Jeff Greene doesn't get it:

U.S. Representative Kendrick Meek has a stellar record of support for Israel, and it is wrong for anyone—of either political party—to call that record into question. He has been a true friend for many years to the Jewish community, embracing the U.S.-Israel relationship and so many other issues of interest to American Jews.

That’s why it is so deeply disappointing to see Florida U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene and his campaign circulating materials and direct mail pieces politicizing support for Israel, and painting his Democratic primary opponent—Rep. Meek—as less than supportive of Israel. The fact is that Rep. Meek’s support for Israel and his excellent record on this issue is beyond question, and any political attacks in this campaign season that politicize support for Israel are simply wrong—regardless of the party affiliation of the campaign launching the attacks.

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