McCain calls Egyptian military coup another "failure of American leadership"

The U.S. government has not called Morsi's ouster a coup. Doing so could set in motion laws to block the
$1.5 billion sent annually to Egypt.

Representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood want the U.S. to declare what happened a coup. Gahed El-Haddad told ABC's Jonathan Karl on This Week that:

"I don’t understand what naivete can behold any person to see all the ingredients, political signs of a coup, and not see the coup. It's a military junta on TV, tanks on the streets, troops on protest. Military people shooting civilians. I mean it's every ingredient of a full police state. I mean what else are people waiting for?"

Back on CBS, John McCain then described the current tumult in Egypt as another example of the Barack Obama foreign policy failing.

Because of a total vacuum and lack of American leadership, whether it be the massacres in Syria, Lebanon is beset by sectarian violence, Jordan is about to collapse under the weight of refugees, Iraq is unraveling, Afghanistan we’re having great problems organizing a follow on force in Afghanistan, America has not led," McCain concluded. "And America is not leading. And when Americans doesn’t lead, bad things happen. And other people do lead and Egypt is just one segment of a failure of American leadership over the last five years."

Like a lot of other folks, John McCain says that the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi last week was a coup d’etat , but unlike too many others, he's now calling for the Obama administration to suspend aid to the country.

Speaking on CBS' Face The Nation, McCain told host Major Garrett that the U.S. should suspend such payments until the interim Egyptian government creates a constitution and calls for new elections.

“Morsi was a terrible president, their economy is in terrible shape thanks to their policies but the fact is the United States should not be supporting this coup. And it's a tough call," McCain added.

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