McCollum calls for Crist to sign ultrasound bill that he still hasn't received

Of course, Crist can't sign HB 1143, veto it, or let it sit on his desk at the moment.  That's because Florida House Republicans haven't sent him the bill yet.  Speculation has it that they want more time to elapse so that supporters can keep on putting the heat on the governor to sign it.

Crist himself has called the ultrasound requirements in the bill "mean-spirited" and "too intrusive on the privacy of women." Running now as an independent, the feeling in Tallahassee is that Crist would veto it, hence the desire by its supporters in the House to delay sending it to him until a critical mass has formed around him to support it.

Once he receives the legislation, Crist has 15 days to decide whether to sign it into law, veto the measure and allow it to become law without his signature.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today put more public heat on Governor Charlie Crist to sign HB 1143, the measure that includes a provision with amendments that would require women to pay for an ultrasound exam and, with few exceptions, look at the embryo's or fetus' image or have it described to them by their doctors.

McCollom also wants Crist to sign it because he says it will aid him in his lawsuit he is filing on behalf of Florida that says that the recently enactly health care law is unconstitutional.

“The bill makes a clear policy declaration that Floridians cannot be

compelled to buy health insurance prescribed by government,” wrote

McCollum. “This bill would extend my authority to advocate on behalf of

individuals who will be forced to pay a tax or fine for choosing not to

purchase health insurance.”

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