McCollum piles on as Sink's campaign sputters

And Bill McCollum's team, giddy after what can only be called a somewhat stunningly easy race so far  that still has over half a year to go, had lots of fun with the news of the shake up.  Campaign Manager Todd Williams chortled,

"Despite just yesterday claiming ‘historic’ fundraising and an ‘outpouring of support for her campaign,’ it is clear Alex Sink sees what Florida voters do – a campaign in disarray that has failed to gain traction and failed to make a convincing case for her candidacy.

“The news that Alex Sink fired her campaign manager and her finance director is just the latest tumultuous personnel shake-up in a string of failed attempts to reintroduce a lackluster candidate that even fellow Democrats continue to vocally doubt.”

The sad fate at least today for state Democrats is, they really can't say anything in kind to Bill McCollum, a political animal thriving at a time when supposedly incumbent and/or career politicians (which defines the Attorney General) are thought to be in trouble with the electorate.

Despite the rhetoric from the Tea Baggers and the media, maybe it's not the status quo that the electorate in Florida are e weary of,  but simply the guys in charge in Washington?  Just maybe the fact is that the Florida public just isn't really into Democrats at all this year is the deal?  The fact is that Sink continues to remain behind McCollum by at least 10% in every public poll taken in recent weeks and months.

The McCollum press release also featured choice quotes from various state newspaper articles and column over the past couple of months which have referenced the shaky nature of Sink's candidacy so far.  Again, "scoreboard," as a famed sports talk show host once crowed.

McCollum's team is acting flat out cocky right now, figuring they'd be in  a much tougher predicament than they currently are.  Some of that absolutely has to do with how Floridians are acting very center-right in their political attitudes. That recent Mason/Dixon poll was an indication that this state, with more seniors than anywhere in the country, is overall , very much against the historic health care bill signed into law recently.  And McCollum has seized on that dissatisfaction with his high profile lawsuit against the provision of the legislation that calls for all Americans to sign up for the bill by 2014.

The big news in Florida's gubernatorial race today was the announcement that Alex Sink's campaign manager, Paul Dunn, is leaving the campaign, and for now Jim Cassady, her former chief of staff at her paid gig as Chief Financial Office, will take over.

Team Sink also announced a new deputy campaign manger in charge of finance, Shellie Levin from Miami, who has recently served as  EMILY’s List Majority Council Director for the Southeast U.S.

EMILY's List supports pro-choice female candidates, and endorsed Sink for governor last summer.

The Republican Party of Florida and Bill McCollum pounced on the news.

Republican Party of Florida Executive Director Ronnie Whitaker said in a statement that:

"After six months of lackluster fundraising, it’s no wonder that Alex Sink decided to shake up her stagnant campaign,” What is surprising is that Sink decided to hire a former senior staffer from a pro-abortion group, after previously refusing to disclose how much funding she received from that same group, or even simply listing their support on her campaign web site.”

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