McDonald's gay-themed French ad (video)

marketing Happy Meals to children as a way of creating life long customers who will forever associate the pleasurable feelings of childhood with the fast food giant. McDonald's has also made many borderline racist commercials that target various ethnic groups and financial demographics.

Now, McDonald's has set its sights on the LGBT community. Before you even realize what the below ad is marketing, many viewers will have at least a minor emotional response in sympathizing with the struggles of becoming comfortable with yourself and your individuality. The underlying message is universal enough, but how truthful can it be coming from a company that led the way in the homogenization of food, and in a way culture, across the globe. Individuality is about as compatible with McDonald's core values as its food is with the diet of Olympians, who McDonald's official sponsors every two years. McDonald's built an empire based on standardization.

On the other hand, even if McDonald's is not trailblazing equality for the LGBT community, perhaps this commercial is at least a sign of how far we've come as a society, or at least how far France has come. The homosexual community has become so integrated into our culture that now their identity will soon be completely co-opted by commercialism just like the rest of us.

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Just like sappy movies, commercials often employ wily methods to tug at our heart strings without earning these emotions. If you don't believe me, can you remember when you used to think BP was the environmentally friendly oil company because of its ad campaign, which connected BP with conservation? This is the magic of advertising. It can make us associate a product with an idea that is completely at odds with a company's goals.

McDonald's is no stranger to ethically suspect, though effective, marketing campaigns. They perfected the art of

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