Meek bashes Charlie Crist for his conversion in now supporting repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," 3 days after he was against it

Meek echoed Republican critics of Crist, particularly after he left the party and declared he would run as an independent last month: "He'll do or say anything to get elected."

Meek continues to stay mired in third place in the battle with Crist and Republican Marco Rubio.  But Meek said after he wins his party's nomination in August, he'll grow in stature, and win back some of the Democratic party members who right now are supporting Crist.

When asked by a reporter if he was concerned that Bob Farmer, the national treasurer for John Kerry's 2004 presidential run, has announced he was supporting Jeff Greene, one of Meek's Democratic senate competitors, Meek responded that both Kerry and Bill Clinton are "110%" behind his candidacy.

With polls now showing that Charlie Crist's lead in some of the polls is directly attributable to the govenor's support from Democrats, it's clear that Meek's immediate strategy needs to be to start knocking the governor down a peg or two.  Expect more attacks in the future.

Florida Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Kendrick Meek seized on the most recent reversal of opinion by his independent opponent,  Governor Charlie Crist, who said today that he would "be inclined" to support a Senate compromise on the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military.

The Senate deal being discussed this week on Capitol Hill would lift the ban on gays in the military, but only after the Pentagon completes a study toward the end of the year and the Pentagon is certain it won't hurt the military.  The governor said:

"Ultimately, as in all military matters I defer to the Pentagon and to the Generals and what the Senate is doing today is giving them the ultimate authority to do what is best for our military. So, I would be inclined to support the Senate's action on this."

On a conference call with reporters this afternoon, Meek savaged Crist, saying, "This is not about being independent, this is about whatever way the wind blows for his campaign."

Meek said this is the third recent issue in which the governor has flip-flopped, mentioning last month's conversion back to opposing offshore drilling near Florida, and also his veto of SB6 , the education reform bill that won him the hearts of many teachers across the state when he vetoed the bill.  "The only thing he stands for from one day to the next is his own self-preservation," Meek said.  "This is not the kind of leadership that Florida needs."

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