Meek camp distributes Raw Story feature that says Charlie Crist to come out in support of LGBT issues

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Whether Crist will actually announce all of this will be interesting to observe, but never allowing an opportunity to go to waste, the Kendrick Meek camp is seizing on the story (to bring more attention to it,  for starters).  This morning Meek campaign manager Abe Dyk issued a release blasting Crist's record when it comes to issues that concern the LGBT community.

From the press release:

Charlie Crist has a long record of taking stands that hurt Florida's LGBT community. For years, he stood firmly against repealing the military's discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.  Earlier this year, Crist said the discriminatory policy "was working" on a Monday only to come out in favor of it's repeal on a Thursday -- after the policy's demise was assured.  And, in 2008, he supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Florida that excludes LGBT couples from marriage or "any other legal union -- a standard that would ban civil unions," the Orlando Sentinel reported. A few weeks ago, Crist still claimed to be in support of Amendment 2 in Florida.

Kendrick, in contrast, has been a champion of LGBT rights. He co-sponsored multiple attempts to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and has been a leader in calling for the repeal of Florida's gay adoption ban. Unlike Charlie Crist, Kendrick stood against Florida's gay marriage ban, Amendment 2.

We'll wait and see whether Crist does come out in support of this agenda for gay rights, being that he's previously always seem so conflicted and contradictory on some of these issues.

But hey, that was back when he was a Republican.  With Kendrick Meek starting to eat into some of his Democratic support, Crist will need to make some bold moves to stave off that erosion, where recent polls show him trailing Marco Rubio.

On Sunday night, the progressive website Raw Story published a story by reporter John Bryne, who says he obtained a document that reveals that Charlie Crist will come out this week (pardon the pun) in support of a variety of issues in support of gay rights, such as:

Crist's vocal support for gay couples, including hospital visitation, inheritance and adoption rights; opposition to the ban on gays serving in the military; support for anti-discrimination laws and appropriations for HIV and AIDS programs.

Heaven knows the Governor has bounced around in terms of some of these issues, but according to Raw Story, Crist will be coming out strongly in support of gays being able to adopt - Florida stands alone in denying that right.

"We need to take politics out of adoption decisions,” the governor says in the draft. “That is why I oppose Florida's current law that requires Family Law judges to ignore what is right for a child in order to adhere to what Florida law blindly demands. There is only one question that matters: What is in the best interest of that child?”

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