Meet the Sex Squad: stars of a wacky sex ed video game

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit has devised a hip, new way to educate young folks about safe sex: The Sex Squad. The site features a bizarre, interactive game called Adventures in Sex City, in which the Sex Squad battles the evil, STI-spreading "Sperminator." No joke.

Just for shits n' giggles, let's meet the Squad. At the upper left-hand corner, there's Willy The Kid. The shortest of the bunch, he's there to prove that size doesn't matter. His superpower? "Rock hard strength." Below Willy is the virginal, blonde Wonder Vag. She has the magical ability to know when someone is lying. On the bottom right is Power Pap. The sexually-active brunette has the power to spot infections with her x-ray vision. Above Pap is Captain Condom, the half-man/half-condom, who has the ability to stretch - ya know, like a condom. At the bottom is the penis-armed villian, Sperminator. He's evil because he has an STI... great lesson for the kids, eh?

To play the game, you choose which Sex Squad member you want to be, then are asked a number of sex ed questions. If you answer incorrectly, Sperminator shoots his jizz at you, to which you respond with such gems as "That's sticky!" "I need a shower!" or "Argh, right in the face!" A correct answer earns you a shield, which deflects his man juice, shooting it back at him.

It's truly absurd. I am all for innovative sex education, but this game is more silly than it is informative. Teens may have a giggle, but younger kids will likely just be confused and grossed out. Still, I have to give props to MLHU for thinking outside the box (heh) & teaching about safe sex in a way that is anything but boring.

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