Meghan McCain breast shot sparks outrage on Twitter


Seriously people? That's it?  Wow, what has the world come to?  I've scoured the interwebs to gauge reaction and have read some inane comments, even by internet standards.

"She knows what she's doing.  Look at her point them out for attention!"

Apparently this commenter has never been around a "bigger" girl before.  They don't really have to point the girls, there are nowhere for them to go!

"What a cry for attention."

Um, hello...isn't that ALL Twitter is good for?  Seeking attention.

"Wow, I never knew the Republican party held all of my dreams in one shirt."

Ok, that one was mine.

Get over it people.  It's not the 1950's.  Girls have girl parts.  When they are at home, in their PJs, they are not required to be chaste.  Let's worry about real issues.  Leave the breasts to professionals.

Republican blogger, daughter of John McCain, and overall minx Meghan McCain almost pulled a Miley Cyrus this week and quit her Twitter after a racy photo sparked outrage from the conservative masses.  With all the troubles we have these days as Americans and it's some hot cleavage that we're worried about?

Full "racy" shot after the break:

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