Mile-high make-out session on 9/11 anniversary prompts jet fighter escort

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A similar situation occurred aboard an American Airlines flight from LA to New York's Kennedy Airport. A Russian man and two Israeli men drew suspicion after making repeated trips to the bathroom. Some passengers even claimed the men were communicating through hand gestures. After the plane landed the three men were questioned and released. Presumably they did not use the same "make-out" excuse.

Airport representatives did not feel the fighter jet escorts or the arrests were an over reaction. Likewise, many of the passengers thought the precaution was well worth it. Most did not even realize there was a problem until after their flight landed safely and armed guards boarded the plane.

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"Out of an abundance of caution," jet fighters escorted two commercial flights into New York and Detroit on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

On a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit, the airborne security escort was ordered after crew members reported that a couple was spending an unusually long amount of time in the bathroom. After the plane landed safely, the suspicious passengers were detained for questioning and eventually released. The couple reportedly told the authorities that they were just "making-out." This begs the question of why the couple was allowed in the bathroom together in the first place and what is a "usual" amount of time for a pair to spend in an airplane's restroom.

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