Mitch Perry Report 10.23.12 — Romney overconfident?

Regardless of who you think (or what the public who was polled thinks) "won" the debate, conservatives are telling each other that Mitt Romney was the more impressive man because he acted more "presidential"; and he looked like the incumbent and Obama looked like the challenger in terms of who was more aggressive and who was more passive (for the record, Obama was the aggressor).

One reason why Obama has the edge over Romney in foreign policy is not just because he's been involved in affairs of the world as commander-in-chief the past four years (which he pushed into Romney's face, probably too much), but because his foreign policy hasn't been that dissimilar from George W. Bush's.

There is still (to some extent) a war on terrorism going on. While some Republicans say that Obama has been weak in handling that, it didn't come across last night. Some neocons have blasted Obama for bailing out on Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, but last night, Romney said he didn't have any issue with Obama regarding that topic.

On Afghanistan, Romney pulled back from saying that he might (depending on what the generals say) want to stay in Afghanistan past 2014. And on and on.

So yes, Barack Obama was more aggressive, which a lot of folks (especially conservatives) say shows he had more to overcome in terms of where he is in this race. And yes, it's called recovering from the Denver debacle.

Just because Romney's had more momentum in the past two weeks, does that mean it's time to put the brakes on? The polls are damned close, and don't really show Romney with any type of comfortable lead (taking away the Gallup daily poll). Mitt may have been a bit too cautious last night; passing the "threshold" of sitting next to Obama for 90 minutes, is that all he had to do?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama returns to Tampa on Thursday, making perhaps his last local appearance in the area before the general election.

Everyone cheered (well maybe not some people at the Tampa Bay Times) when a private equity group swept in and purchased the Tampa Tribune two weeks ago. There was considerably less applause yesterday when the new owners said they'd start cutting pay and offering severance packages.

And Citizens Insurance is back in the news for all the wrong reasons — again. State Sen. Mike Fasano and two watchdog groups are calling on Gov. Rick Scott to have his Inspector General expand her domain into investigating some recent shenanigans with the state owned corporation.

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