Mitch Perry Report 11.1.12 - Some reputations will take a serious hit next week

Has there ever been more bluster between competing campaigns and pundits as we've been getting in the waning days of the 2012 presidential campaign? I can't remember it.

Who the f*ck is winning? Spend a few minutes reading or listening to a conservative, and they can tell you that Mitt Romney is not only winning, but it may not be that close next Tuesday night.

Spend some time on a conference call with Team Obama, however, and it seems impossible to deny that they could be blowing collective smoke up everyone's....well, you know.

Karl Rove in today's Wall Street Journal predicts Romney will win by three percentage points on Tuesday; yet every big battleground state poll in the past two days show Obama winning - every one of them.

Mitt Romney had a big campaign event in Tampa yesterday, his second appearance in the Tampa Bay area in five days. And as CL's Michael Newberger reports, the speech was virtually the same in both events, with the exception of some remarks about the storm that smashed the Northeast on Monday.

The battle between Ronda Storms and Bob Henriquez for Property Appraiser in Hillsborough County has been a snorer for the most part this fall, in part because the two have rarely if ever been in the same room since they became their respective parties candidates in August. They finally convened in a candidates forum yesterday at the Tampa Club.

Anybody out there supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president? The former New Mexico Governor may hurt Barack Obama's chances in Colorado.

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