Mitch Perry Report 11.8.12 - Florida Dems back from the dead?

Florida Democrats were gloating yesterday, and can you blame them?

Suffering from perhaps an all-time low after they had their clocks cleaned in the 2010 election cycle, the Democrats prospered on Tuesday. Buffeted by the strength of the Obama for America (OFA) staff workers and re-districting, some legislative and congressional seats were drawn more favorably for the Dems in comparison to 10 ago.

Democrats added four seats to the state's congressional delegation — for a net of two, as the state grew the delegation by two — gained a net of five (and maybe six) seats to the state House, and two to the state Senate, which Democratic party chair Rod Smith said was the best showing for the party in three decades.

The big question is: Can this state party, down for so long, learn from some of the targeting that the OFA folks did, particularly with the key demographics of women, blacks, Latinos and younger voters? They have a great chance in 2014 with an unpopular incumbent governor to target, but they have to have a nominee who will inspire and galvanize those voting groups to come out in a non-presidential election year — always a challenge for this state party.

Democratic partisans are particularly thrilled that firebrand Alan Grayson is back in Congress, and Allen West isn't.

There was plenty of drama unfolding in America's living rooms Tuesday night, particularly at 11:12 p.m., when the various broadcast and cable news networks called Ohio for Barack Obama, clinching the presidency for him.

There was even more drama on the Fox News Channel, where Karl Rove refused to go along with Fox's "decisions desk," leading to an awkward but fascinating live television scene.

And as you've heard, socially progressive issues were voted in by citizens across the country, specifically regarding same-sex marriage and legalizing weed. The big question now in regards to what the voters of Colorado and Washington State did with marijuana is: Will the federal government try to block the will of these states?

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