Mitch Perry Report 2.27.13 - Rick Scott "no pushover" vs. Charlie Crist?

Just as the Florida political reporting establishment was getting themselves into a tizzy over a potential primary challenge to Rick Scott's bid for re-election next year comes a quirky "private poll" performed by pollster Dave Beattie and obtained by Politico.

The results? Well, Scott fares well over possible Democratic entrant Charlie Crist, but according to the story, this survey could be characterized as a "push poll," as it seems calculated for Crist to be looked at negatively. Nevertheless, the guv's personal job approval ratings shockingly come out about even, with 48 percent of Floridians giving him positive review and 47 percent disapproving — a virtually even split.

Me thinks that I'd prefer to see another poll come out before I'm convinced that Scott has turned the tide against him. What it does show is that perhaps Charlie Crist is more vulnerable than other, earlier polls have indicated. But for all the Sturm und Drang from Republicans in Florida regarding Scott's decision to accept the federal plan on expanding Medicaid, a question needs to be asked: Why did Scott do it? Because he wants to be re-elected, right? That's the popular theory, Indicating that the public wants Medicaid expansion. If you agree with that, then don't you have to agree that perhaps all those Republicans like Adam Putnam and Pam Bondi who are criticizing him for that decision are more out of touch with the Florida electorate than he is, at least on this issue?

You disagree? Than why doesn't a Republican join up in the upcoming session with Democrat Jeff Clemens, who will soon introduce a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, something that 70 percent of the public wants, according to a new survey.

Hey, Pinellas County voters, you'll get a chance to approve the first light-rail system in the Tampa Bay area - in 20 more months.

And Hillsborough County activist George Niemann, missing on this blog for far too long, returns with his usual sharp edge to weigh in on the County Commission's vote last week to approve the public subsidy that will bring a Bass Pro Shops complex to Brandon in 2014.

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